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Ex-Smoker Amy


This quit smoking story was submitted by Amy. It was a comment submitted to our post Quit Smoking Side Effects and it was published as a regular post, thank you for sharing your experience.

Hello! My name is Amy, I started smoking when I was 12 and am now 41. I quit a week ago today. I am using the nicotine gum when I get a really bad craving. I used to smoke 2 packs a day but recently cut down to half a pack a day and thought, why can’t I just stop? The first day I used the patch then the gum when I freak out.

I also eat sunflower seeds like crazy, they give your hands something to do and help with my oral fixation. The gum and patch give me really bizarre nightmares though, hopefully I can eventually ditch nicotine all together. I find it helpful to “pretend” like I am smoking, I breathe deep, and use a straw or a pen as my “cigarette” sounds silly but the breathing helps me.

As others said I have a slight constant headache and sore gums but it’s not that bad. Years ago I quit for a year because a boyfriend threatened to leave me if I didn’t, as soon as we broke up I started again. You have to want to quit for yourself, you can do it and you are worth it! Good Luck 🙂

Great story Amy, thank you again for sharing your experience and hope it will inspire other smokers out there to quit for good.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.

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