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Ex-Smoker Chris – Listen to the People Who Care for You


This article was submitted by Chris, it was a comment in our post The Benefits of Quitting Smoking and it was published as a regular post, many thanks you for sharing a great experience.

I quit smoking 2 1/2 months ago and have to say the first 2 weeks were by far the hardest.  I had been a smoker (pack a day) for the last 17 years.  I had never tried to quit as I felt I had to be mentally ready and really wanted to quit for myself, not because of what others wanted.  Selfish I know, but I knew that it wouldn’t stick without my full attention and personal want.

You get to a point where because the people that care about you, and want you to quit make you and encourage you to want to quit for yourself.  I guess understanding that you are doing it for yourself at the encouragement of others isn’t so selfish, but more that an understanding that it is for you that you want to quit.  This will help to make it last.

I used nicotine gum for the first month or so, and I have to say that it helped.  I wanted to slow down on the gum as soon as I could but I weened it off as I went along with regular gum.  I bought a 100 pack of the gum before I quit (bought the patch too but never used) and it lasted until I was fully over it.

I kept telling myself in the beginning that I could make it one more day without smoking and after a couple weeks after the aggravation and anxiety wore of it became much easier.  The cravings and thoughts are still there, but nowhere near what it once was and is certainly much more manageable.

Good luck to all, I feel better every day and plan on sticking to it.

Wonderful story Chris, thank you! For those would be non-smokers out there, subscribe to our feed, visit this blog regularly and be the next happy non-smoker.

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