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This post was submitted by Kiwii, it was a comment in our post What Happens When You Quit Smoking and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for sharing a wonderful story.

I’ve been smoking since I was 14…Almost every adult at that point in my life smoked. My friends at school started smoking. I thought that since they all smoked what’s the big deal with me smoking?

What started out as social smoking with my friends turned into stealing cigs from my parents, grandparents, and my friends. One time I was in the mall and two girls walked by told me I smelled like a ashtray and that I was nasty.

I didn’t smell anything so I started asking my friends if I really smelt like that. My none smoking friends told me that my scent was strong, awful and my breath was disgusting. So my confidence took a nose dive and my smoking got worse and I gained almost 50lbs.

I had recently been to the docs and was told by my Doctor that once again I smelt like a ashtray and that she was extremely worried for me. I am taking birth control and smoking a pack a day. Since I am overweight, a heavy smoker, and on birth control I was at a very high risk of having a stroke. That didn’t stop me. Today is the first day that I haven’t smoked in years and not because I wanted to. I woke up with no smokes and I was extremely anxious.

I took a shower, got dressed, and then sat down staring at my empty pack of smokes. I argued in my head do I want to smoke…yes,no,yes,no, but if don’t, but maybe I should….I sat thinking that for almost an hour before I pretty much ran out the door to get a pack. The gas station is two blocks away and I pull in (faster in my car -_-).

There are about 3 cop cars blocking one side of the building and another pulls in behind me and blocks me in. I get out and walk to the front of the building and see a police officer taping off the area. I walk to him and you know what I said, “Can I go in? I really need a pack of smokes” The gas station was just robbed and someone was hurt.

This all happened an Hour before I came. I was worried about not getting cigs. What’s it going to take for me to quit smoking? Honestly I don’t know.

But maybe since the gas station is closed down this will be a good time to start.

What a nice story! You can do it Kiwii, we are here for you! Do it one day at a time – talk to yourself and say that you are now a “non-smoker” once again – say it many times. Don’t forget I was in that same situation but I won the battle!

Thank you and Happy Easter!

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  1. Its actually now been 6 days since i quit and i found a pack of smokes under my car seat so…i sniffed the cigs >.> but i threw them out and didnt smoke one! My husband said my skin already looks better and im not constantly hacking crap out of my throat 😀

  2. We have done it and so can you Kiwii. The first 3 – 7 days are the most difficult part. Along the way your mind will trick you and you have to do something so you won’t back out. Keep in mind that we were on what you are passing though right now. Have faith, we are here for you, post a comment if you need a push.

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