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Ex-Smoker Mo – I Don’t Regret Quitting Smoking


This post was submitted by Mo, it was a comment in our post Quit Smoking Side Effects and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful story.

I had my last cigarette on Wednesday 28th March and am now approaching 11 weeks smoke-free. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to quit after nearly 40 years and thought I had got off lightly with no side effects, but I’m just beginning to realize I have had quite a few side effects, it started off after two weeks smoke-free, I contracted shingles and thought it was just a coincidence, but later wondered if it was because my immune system was low.

I’ve since noticed a real tightness on my chest and almost felt like I couldn’t breathe properly and thought maybe I’d left quitting too late and I already had some nasty inside of me! I’m also having real trouble sleeping most nights, I seem to go off ok, but only for a 2-3 hours and then toss and turn and feel totally exhausted by the morning, I have also had some very vivid dreams including enjoying a ciggie and waking up in a panic!

My motivation to quit smoking came with the last Budget – driving home in my car with ciggie in hand, I couldn’t believe that the Government were going to put my daily ciggies up to £7:50, I decided there and then not to buy any more after I smoked the 3-4 packets I had indoors, I finished them, I haven’t bought any more since and I try to justify my actions by counting how much I have saved towards a lovely holiday.

I don’t regret quitting and hope I can continue, I have noticed one thing, my sense of smell is now extremely sharp, I can’t believe how strong smoking areas are when I walk past and think to myself, not so long ago that was me!!

Good Luck everyone, it’s really helped me reading your comments and side effects, I thought that was just me and was considering making a Doctor’s appointment, but I won’t bother now as we’re all in this together.

Wonderful experience Mo! Thank you for sharing your motivating story.

Take the first step, commit yourself and be a non-smoker today!

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