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The camera which I bought online arrived safely yesterday. This is my second DSLR camera and I switched to a new brand “Nikon” compared to the old one that I have which was “Canon.” Well I’m not a professional photographer just a hobbyist and making the most of my time aside from maintaining this blog (website).

The model I bought was D5100, I don’t know if some of you are photographers but after doing a thorough research assisted by Google, I came up with the choice of buying this model rather than the new Nikon D3200. And because this model is more than a year old, I was able to purchase it around $600.00. A lot cheaper than it was when it first came out.

Well I’m not writing this post just to brag about my new DSLR. I know $600.00 bucks is not that affordable to everyone. Some may say it is quite expensive but all I am certain is that the price of this camera is a lot cheaper than the money I wasted buying filthy cigarettes during my smoking career. It’s true – smoking is very expensive. Try to make a rough computation on how much you have spent buying cigarettes since you started smoking. I’m pretty sure it will astonish you but eventually, that costly amount will not affect you at all because of your addiction to nicotine.

If you will quit smoking today, you will be amazed about the money that you will save. Trust me! Saving $4.00 –$ 5.00 a day will give you a decent vacation after a year or so. Not only that, you will feel lively, look better, smell better and a whole lot better than you can imagine. People will start accepting you and you will gain more respect from the community.

Right now, smokers are (little by little) being treated as outcasts (oopppsss sorry I didn’t mean to offend anyone) in our society. Small smoking rooms (cubicle) in the airports, no smoking signs in malls and restaurants, heavy fines for those who will get caught smoking, high insurance premiums for smokers and some places are declaring themselves “a no smoking place.”

Now going back, one great tip to quit smoking is for you to start discovering what you want to do in your past time (a hobby or part time job maybe). Make this activity or endeavor to increase your desire to quit smoking. With the money that you are going to save, I am sure even with the most expensive hobby (like photography) will be within your reach if you will stop smoking today!

Just always remember – I did it, they did it and so can you!

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