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Becoming a Non-Smoker is the Best Thing that Ever Happened


This is a story shared by Elis – awesome and inspiring story. I could not ask for more – thank you for sharing this experience!

I quit 4 months ago and I really never ever thought I would be able to stop my addiction to nicotine. This blog helped me a lot in the past. And now that I have gained back my confidence to tell the whole world that I am now truly a non-smoker once again, it’s time to share my story to help other quitters succeed.

Call me Elis by the way. I started smoking when I was 12 years old, peer pressure, lived in a house where my parents are both smokers, maybe this were the reasons why I made the biggest mistake in my life. And I really mean the biggest mistake ever!

Me and my cousins would hang out in an alley and would light cigarettes. At first I wasn’t inhaling the smoke but it really feels cool to show to others that you are already mature enough to light a cigarette. So this went on, smoking secretly not showing to my parents together with my cousins and classmates.

Until one day, I tried to inhale the smoke; it made me dizzy, it made me really horrible and threw the cigarette immediately. But for some reasons after a while, I grabbed again another cigarette and lit it. Inhaling the smoke was much easier now and instead of the dizziness I felt before, now I feel some kind of a boost, little that I know, I was already hooked!

I thought life became better with the temporary boost I was having. But as the years passed by until I reached college, I felt the negative effects of smoking. I got tired easily, I smell bad, I can’t focus on what I’m doing whenever my body wants to smoke and my allowance and wallet was badly hurt. Same with Rudy, I experienced borrowing a few cents and dollars just to fulfill my body’s need for nicotine. Shameful to admit but it’s true.

Fast forward… after smoking for 28 years, I finally gathered my wits and faced the truth that in those years passed, I gained nothing but waste of money, never ending coughs and colds and unhealthy feelings you could not ever imagine happening to yourself. So last November 28, I finally decided to quit for good.

It wasn’t easy, I didn’t know where to start?! I just couldn’t damn stop smoking even when I was coughing so badly. Finally I realized how a fool I was and wasted 28 precious years in my life being addicted to nicotine. I realized the money I wasted and the precious time I used to get away just to get my kick by lighting a cig. Until one day, I discovered this blog. I never found any website as sincere as the articles written here. I bought the book by Allen Carr, read all the articles in this site until finally I found some direction to quit.

To hell with what they say that smoking causes cancer… it never made me quit for the last 28 years!

Come December, knowing I really can’t quit on my own, I used the gum. I tried the patches but my skin was developing rashes. And for the first time in my life, I was able to quit a day without lighting a cigarette and from then on I have proven to myself that addiction is the real reason why it’s so difficult to quit. By chewing the gum, I could move on without the cigs and after 7 days, I quit cold turkey, the rest is history and now I could really say I am a non-smoker.

Take note that the nicotine gum wasn’t the reason I quit successfully. If you will read my story thoroughly, it was my strong determination to quit that led me to become a non-smoker. The gum was only an aid to reach my goals.

I have shed a tear or two writing this article. Looking back I never thought I will be able to quit and live life normally as it should be. But I did and so can you. I have felt what you are feeling right now; trust me it was far more worse but I succeeded in quitting. If you have reached this part of my story, you have taken one step in quitting.

Ask yourself, will you endure the suffering that you are now experiencing forever or you would you sacrifice a few days fighting those withdrawal symptoms and become free once again? I’m pretty sure you know the right and correct answer to that question my friend; you are old enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

Be free, believe in yourself, remove all doubts, quit your habit and addiction, become a non-smoker – trust me you can do this – QUIT TODAY!

Thank you Elis – I am so moved with what you shared. I am so grateful this blog helped you quit in the least way ever.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.



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