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Quitting Smoking Will Save You Money and Unleash Your Beauty


My name is Belinda and today is my first anniversary of being nicotine free after smoking for 30 years.

Guaranteed Savings

I’ve saved some money which I plan to spend it with my family this coming Christmas. A nearby state trip to my mother which I’m sure will make my kids happy for a few days with their grandma.

Quitting will save you a lot of money. Would you believe me if I told you that 3 months right after quitting, I was able to buy myself an iPad?

It was the loveliest birthday present I have ever given to myself.

If I have quit sooner or if I didn’t start smoking at the first place maybe I should have saved more money.

My Hidden Beauty was Unleashed

At the same time I couldn’t believe the cosmetic transformations that happened to my physical body. I always thought my dark lips and stained teeth will stay as they were but I was wrong.

I look younger now, my skin feels different; its moisture and softness came back and my lips, which were purple before, returned to its normal color which is light pink.

My teeth returned back to its normal color but it took a lot of visits to the dentist and I have to endure hours of scraping by my dentist.

At least now my teeth will be happier without the smoke and without the sugar from mints I am eating all the time. I guess a few more dollars saved from not buying those candies and gum.

I don’t smell like a smoke pipe anymore. My long hair smells terrific and the scent of the shampoo I use every morning lasts the whole day.

As I look at myself in front of the bathroom mirror, my husband was right, I am lovelier and looked more beautiful since I quit.

Food Tastes a Whole Lot Better

The only thing I hate is I gained weight. It’s my own fault anyway, I took advantage of trying to catch up with the wonderful meals I missed.

Food has never tasted better as soon as my taste buds recovered, so I developed unhealthy eating habits. I guess I need to control my eating habits and exercise the soonest.

These are just a few of the wonderful things that happened since I quit and it is so worth it. I wish I have quit sooner before.

Quitting Wasn’t Easy

But quitting wasn’t that easy. I raised hell in my house and I almost lost my job.

My husband and kids were all surprised and happy when I announced last year that I will quit smoking. Although things weren’t good at the start, I’m very thankful for their understanding and for all their support.

My withdrawal symptoms weren’t easy to deal with. The first week was like hell. I became irritable and I shouted at my kids all the time. At night I found myself crying. Fortunately my husband was there to give the comfort that I needed.

My loving husband never hated me even after being so cruel to him. It really makes me feel bad and I still feel the guilt each time I recall the bad things I did to him during those first few days.

At work, I was almost got fired because I was so irritable. I was having an argument every now and then with our customers and my co-employees. I was glad my boss was kind enough to allow me to take a vacation for two weeks.

I will never forget how I slammed a stack of paper right in front of my co-worker, sigh, I was so ashamed after that incident. But guess what, he was the first one to congratulate me after returning back to work.

Perseverance is the Key to Success

I almost gave in the second week. I went to the grocery 3 times to buy a cigarette. But just a few steps away going to the cashier, I reminded myself (thru self suggestion) that this will not resolve anything and left the store without buying any cigarette.

I never thought I could quit but with strong desire and motivation backed up by perseverance, I was able to quit that nasty addiction and habit.

You have to focus all your energies into quitting. As soon as you extinguish your final cigarette stay firm, no “buts” and no “exceptions.” Your mind will continuously trick you into lighting a cigarette. But always be conscious and don’t lose focus on your goal to become a non-smoker.

I’m also thankful to this blog and the people around and behind it and to Rudy’s support thru email. He helped me a lot to contain my anger during the first week.

Right now, looking back, I just smile. The addiction that I once thought I would never quit is now just a part of the history of my life.

If you are reading this story of mine, I am now non-smoker and you are not. But you have the option to become one if you take the first step to decide that you want to become a non-smoker.

So to all readers who want to quit and be free, quit now, the rewards are priceless!

This is a guest post from Belinda.

Thank you for sharing this great story


  1. First of all, congratulations Belinda for conquering your battle against smoking and being nicotine free after 30 years. I know what you’ve done isn’t a simple thing as it changes the whole you after living several years with it. It is like battling a cancer but the possibility to heal if you only strive hard to heal so I admire you. Thank you also for sharing this experience of yours. Hope you inspire a lot of people who are now fighting their battles too.

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