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5 Amazing Hobbies that Will Help You Quit Smoking


Taking up a new hobby will assist you in quitting smoking.

It promotes discipline, it helps increase your focus and it serves as an outlet for stress.

It also offers new challenges and it gives you an opportunity to become an expert in your chosen niche.

Instead of wasting your money buying cigarettes, why not take a hobby and use your hard earnings wisely.

So in this post I listed 5 hobbies to choose from, pick one from the list below and start your hobby today.


Photography was my first serious hobby when I started to quit.

The learning curve is not that steep and with practice, you can master taking good pictures in a few weeks.

You can take as many shots as you possibly can without worrying of any cost, everything is digital now so won’t need to buy a supply of film.

This hobby will stimulate your creativity and enhance your focus. To take stunning photos, you must be able to see what others can’t see.

You have to find the right angle, wait for the right lighting and be at the precise moment when the shot needs to be taken.

Offering your service for free is another good way to develop your photography skills. So if you are aware of any special events that will be held, then go there and be the photographer.

While you are at the back of the camera searching for that perfect shot, this will preoccupy your mind from smoking.

Check this book that teaches you to shoot like a pro Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera


Putting up a blog is another way to help you quit.

This blog has given me the strength to fight temptation over the past few years.

It has also helped me stay connected with other ex-smokers which has helped me prevent smoking relapse.

It has also sharpened my writing skills and made me a more responsible person by replying to emails, posting articles and reading shared stories from my beloved readers.

You too can start a blog right now. You can document your quit smoking experience or any topic that will take off your mind from lighting a cigarette.

Blogging has many benefits, it will help you become a better writer and you will have the opportunity to help others.

Blogging is also a profitable venture. Some bloggers I know are making six figures a year.

Check this out this site (cashintheblog.com) and start blogging today.


My great grandparents were all farmers. But when their children (which includes my mom and day) finished school, most of these kids left the farm and lived in the urban areas.

The times I spent with my grandparents when I was young were all unforgettable memories. I learned how to tend the chickens and pigs. I learned the different kinds of fruits and vegetables and eventually I learned how to plant.

Since I lived in the urban area, I soon forgot about planting and it wasn’t until I quit smoking that I started gardening.

I took my gardening seriously after I quit smoking. Have I known before that I enjoyed gardening, I could have started this hobby earlier, and who knows I might have quit sooner.

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

Reading and Writing

This hobby is the least expensive yet very effective.

I know reading to some smokers will trigger the desire to smoke. But if you will read the right books, blog posts, articles or material then it certainly will increase your chances of quitting.

Writing at the same time helps release stress and just like photography, it helps promote creativity and focus.

Blogging and writing is almost identical. Although when you blog, your focus primarily is writing blog posts. Unlike when you choose to become a writer, then you can write not only blog posts, but short stories, novels and articles as well.

Reading and writing goes together. Reading will fill up your mind with ideas which you will need when you write.

Read this book and it will strengthen your desire to quit. – Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking: The Easy Way To Stop Smoking


When I finally committed myself to quit I started running.

After running for 1 minute my first day, I was gasping for air. I could hardly breathe and I realized then how smoking has wrecked my precious lungs.

So little by little I increased my endurance and in doing so my desire to quit increased as well.

Running not only became a daily exercise but it also became a hobby. I read books, magazines and blogs about running. I studied the different shoes made specifically for running.

Then I bought my first running shoes and it was a good investment. I quit smoking a few months later and my endurance increased from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

When I finally joined my first 10K marathon I run 1 hour and 12 minutes non-stop. It was one of my greatest achievements in life.

This is a great shoe – ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 21 Running Shoe


Fishing is another great hobby.

This hobby is a great stress reliever and it will also strengthen your patience and instinct.

Fishing is not for impatient people. If you are one who can’t wait for an hour or two, then this hobby is not for you.

Depending on the season, sometimes your catch will be plenty and at times you might not catch a single fish. But whether you catch anything or not, as a hobby, the real benefit of fishing is the relaxation it gives you.

You will be on or near waters so carrying cigarettes are not advisable. This way your consumption will decrease and eventually you will quit.

So instead of carrying a pack of cigarette, carry a book or kindle and read while you wait for the fish to bite your hook.

As the saying goes teach yourself how to fish and you will be able to feed yourself for life.

If it’s you first time to fish then read this book Fishing for Dummies.


If your interest didn’t fall among the hobbies that I listed, there are other interesting hobbies to choose from. Follow your passion or what your heart desires and make yourself productive during your idle time.

You can play the guitar, take up cooking lessons, dancing lessons, painting, sewing and the list goes on.

Quitting smoking is not rocket science. There is no exact way to quit. What works for you might not for others so it’s your duty to find the effective way that will help you quit.

You must utilize everything at your disposal. Even the smallest things might help you quit, so don’t underestimate them.

If you can’t smoke in your in-laws’, then spend more time with them. If your pet puppy is preventing you to light a stick spend more time with it. And if you can’t smoke in front of your wife then follow her wherever she goes.

My point here is that if you really want to quit, it’s easy to do so if you want to. The only thing that is holding you back is your fear. Fear that life will become incomplete once you quit but that actually is the opposite.

The one question I always ask is, “how bad do you want to quit smoking?” If you are really committed to quit then take up a hobby and do everything to stop.

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