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Ex-Smoker – MamaFlo


This was the first testimonial this site has ever received.

No matter how short it is, it is concise, straight to the point and it will really move you. You will really feel the motivation to quit once you internalize her current condition.

UPDATE: 09/24/2013 – I visited the website of MamaFlo and it seems it’s no longer being maintained and updated. No matter where you are now MamaFlo you have our prayers.

Testimonial – this is a contributed article…

I smoked for 36 years (I just turned 54) and quit finally in Sept 2007 with the help of Chantix. Although the decision to quit was mine it was helped by a cough, difficulty breathing while doing even simple household tasks, and the mere psychological fix of being enslaved.

After being put on a number of inhalers that just weren’t doing the trick, my PCP sent me to a Pulmonologist and after extensive testing and scans I was diagnosed with severe COPD-Emphysema. I am now on oxygen 24/7 and exercising more to build up my strength and stamina. I’m feeling somewhat better but I can’t take away the damage that’s been done to my lungs and although further damage will come on slower because I’ve quit smoking, my health will nonetheless continue to worsen.

I [do really] wish I had never lit a single cigarette [in my life].

Contributor – MamaFlo

Website – MamaFlo’s Place (http://www.mamaflosatx.com/)
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