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How I Quit Smoking – Day Two


(continued from my previous post… How I Quit Smoking – Day One)

The second day after I quit smoking in 2006 was almost the same as “day one” but with several improvements. The taste of cigarette in my mouth have diminished considerably, the bad smell in my fingers was reduced. I could feel my heartbeat going steady, although my breathing I think had no improvements, I could still feel the tightness in my lungs.

The urge of smoking was going strong, I feel irritable every now and then. At times during the day I feel deprived and I feel something missing inside me. Those words whispering in my ears “You see, you can quit easily, grab another cigarette, you can quit anytime you want…” kept on going, going and going. Controlling those temptations were difficult, I kept reading the notes I made, kept on reminding myself the reasons and benefits in quitting and told myself over and over that I am now in the healing process.

The wonderful thing about the mind when you are constantly reading your affirmations, it will soon help you cope up with the strong urges brought by withdrawal symptoms. Although the temptation to smoke will come and go, by reading quit smoking books, excerpts, notes or affirmations over and over again, it will supply you the needed strength to ward of the strong urges. And of course before we forget, prayers (whoever whom you believe your creator is) do work in helping you stay strong.

In the evening, I discovered my taste buds improved, the taste of food was much better. You might say I am exaggerating but my sense of smell also improved and how I detest the smell of cigarette lingering in my room. I ate so much that night and went to bed early and each time those urge attacks me, I just drank plenty of water. Water, deep breathing, self suggestions, reading my precious books and notes and prayers were the key I lasted for the second day without smoking.

Before falling to sleep, I told myself if I did it for the second day, the following days would be easy but I was wrong. The third day was the most difficult of all… to be continued…

If you’re planning to quit smoking don’t let fear stop you. Don’t be afraid, it’s your addiction to nicotine that is causing it, trust in yourself, don’t be a slave to smoking, now is the time to quit, now is the time to be free…

…next article – How I Quit Smoking – Day Three


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