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How I Quit Smoking – A Day Before Quitting


In my previous article “Quit Smoking for Three Reasons,” I stated three reasons why we should quit smoking. There was another incident that convinced me to quit smoking in the year 2006, aside from the three reasons stated pushing me to stop smoking. I met someone, an ex-smoker who was smoking heavily before. I was intrigued how he quit and asked his story. He was having trouble supporting his vice (smoking) financially so he decided to quit for good. He did nothing out of the extraordinary; he just quit cold turkey from twenty cigarettes a day to zero.

I was challenged from that day on. I started searching the internet and found similar stories. I kept on reading them and recalling them until the day came when I finally decided to quit for good. The first question I asked myself, what is the right time of the day to quit smoking? So one day, I tried to quit after smoking one cigarette in the morning, I struggled successfully all through out before lunch but after eating my meal, it take me no more than sixty seconds to reach out for that filthy cigarette.

I experimented which time of the day would be the right time to quit, tried them but I failed miserably. At times I thought I would be chained from this slavery forever and the only thing that would bail me out of this is a dreadful disease or sickness. But I never gave up, I kept on quitting, it was a long period of trial and error. Finally I realized, the best time for me to quit, is the time before I went to sleep in the evening; the time that you would puff the last cigarette for the day. If I slept long enough for 8 hours, during that time, my body would have reduced the nicotine considerably inside my body and I would just continue quitting when I woke up. Applying this technique in September 2006, I succeeded in quitting, from thirty cigarettes a day to zero.

The night I extinguished my last cigarette was one of the best thing I did for myself. I convinced myself, wrote the reasons why I need to quit, and planned carefully what would I do if attacked by a strong craving. The nicotine withdrawal I know is easy to control, the associations are what I feared the most, I was smoking for twenty-two years and all my actions are associated with smoking. But this did not discourage me, actually I took that fear as a challenge. So after engulfing the last smoke into my lungs, I went to bed, said my evening prayers (the greatest source of power and confidence) and went to sleep a free man.

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