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Smoking – Your Worst Enemy, Know It and Defeat It


There are several factors why so many smokers fail to quit. First, they don’t know what they are up against, smoking does not only entail rehabilitating your addiction to nicotine, it is far more than that. Smoking has become part of your life, associations are deeply embedded in your subconsciousness that in almost everything you do, you need to smoke to keep life going. Second, many does not admit or does not even know that they are drug addicts, they keep on convincing themselves and other people that smoking is just a habit. Third, smokers have been totally brainwashed by the advertisements they have seen or heard, the movies that they have watched and the things that they have learned in their environment. All of these are part of an illusion that keeps on telling the smoker that smoking is good.

Addiction is Not A Problem

Addiction to nicotine is not the main problem that smokers face, although this must not be underestimated. A smoker can sleep for 8 hours straight without the slightest symptom of shivering or shaking when the smoker wakes up. A smoker can ride an airplane for 9 – 12 hours straight yet does not go into cardiac arrest or anything that would show causes of withdrawal symptoms. A smoker can stop smoking when he attends ceremonies where smoking is strictly prohibited. The urge will come but will soon go away after several minutes. By this alone we can finally conclude that defeating the addiction to nicotine is very easy, all we have to do is to resist the urge and soon it will go away.

What’s Embedded in Your Life and Subconsciousness is Your Main Enemy

If addiction is like fire where a smoker can easily extinguish it with water, the associations embedded in our life and subconsciousness brought about by smoking is a fuel highly flammable that when it is ignited by fire, putting it off is very difficult. These two work hand in hand, just by the mere smell of aroma of coffee can trigger the most irresistible urge for the smoker to smoke. If you have been smoking long enough, can you still recall what would you do when confronted by an argument without smoking? I guess not, all you know now is the lie that you need to smoke in order to calm down your nerves. Deeply embedded are these associations that you can no longer remember what a beautiful life it was when you were not smoking. And you can just imagine what a pitiful site when the smoker is being hammered down by these temptation and urges, puffing those cancerous substance in his lungs just to satisfy what he has been taught is a lie.

The Good News

Now that you know what you are up against, the difficulty in quitting ceases to exist. If your doctor tells you right now that you have lung cancer and you only have a few months to live, I doubt if most of you would still smoke those filthy cigarettes. All those lies which we have been taught can easily be reversed with the proper attitude, motivation, confidence and conditioning of the mind. When I decided to quit, the greatest lie I have to get over with is the lie that smoking is good after a meal. And how did I control the urge every time after eating? By observing other smokers smoke after eating; when I saw them engulfing smoke and watching them cough, from then on the urge to smoke after a meal passed by.

If you are serious in quitting, know your enemy, try to quit 4 – 5 hours daily. Understand the pattern how your enemy lures you to smoke and counter it by resisting it, think of various ways to resist it when it attacks. And remember it will attack by giving all that he has and it will attack you when you are at your weakest. As soon as your ready, quit that filthy vice for good! I have done it, they have done it, we have done it and so can you!

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