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When Is The Best Time to Quit Smoking


This is the third time that I quit smoking (please read the “About Me” page), I quit again last July 14, 2009 and it’s already a month since I threw that last filthy stick of cigarette. In my whole smoking career (22 years), I never liked smoking specially the awful smell that it gives to your mouth, fingers and clothes. To be honest I was just after the kick that nicotine gives to suppress the withdrawal symptom. This is the common thing that all drug addicts feel whenever the level of drug in their body goes down. In short we need to feed the addiction, we need to stop the craving by injecting additional drug into our body, that is when we say, “wow, it feels good, it feels great, it’s relaxing” well in fact it is not, it is a lie that every smokers made them to believe.

A Stress Free Moment Will Never Come

I have been asked so many times when is the right time or best time to quit smoking and this motivated me to write this article. When I finally decided to quit 3 years ago, it took a lot of trial and error until I finally succeeded. The first thing I waited for was a season or month where there was little stress. But that moment never came, everyday our life is full of stress, so I convinced myself to cope up with stress while I was quitting. This is true, this is the first thing you have to accept, you must learn to control yourself even in the most stressful environment or you will never quit smoking permanently. Don’t wait for that “stress free” moment, it will never come. If you really want have quality time with little or no stress at all confine yourself in a rehabilitation facility. Forgive me for being sarcastic but sarcasm is the only way to stop that filthy no good cigarette.

Always remember, everyone has their own good and bad days, whether you are a smoker or not. If smoking is a stress reliever then the life of a smoker should be stress free but actually it’s the opposite, the life of a smoker is full of stress.

Which Time of The Day

So we’re done with the “stress” thing, now the next question is, which time of the day? Quitting in the afternoon seems impossible for me to attain, probably because I have already injected too much nicotine in my blood stream in the morning and controlling the withdrawal symptoms specially late in the afternoon is very difficult. But in my experience and trial and error, I finally discovered that if I abstain from smoking in the morning, I could control the urge until lunch time. I did that every day and during the withdrawal stage, I felt and nourished every moment as each urge passes by and recorded those moments so I could find ways to fight the temptation when the time came that I would quit totally. In short I was successful by choosing the time to quit in the morning when you wake up or before going to sleep the night before. It’s pretty obvious, when you go to sleep, you abstain from nicotine for a period of time (let’s say 8 hours) so when you wake up, all you have to do now is to continue the abstinence and quit.

Although each individual varies take the time to experiment, find the right time of the day and quit for good. Try practicing, know whom you are up against, exploit its weakness while strengthening your own. Do this because you want to quit smoking for good and because you want to be free from this slavery; don’t try to cut-down your cigarette intake, you will only prolong your agony and slavery. When you experiment wanting to quit, always keep in my mind your ultimate objective and goal – you are quitting smoking for good, permanently and for life!

So the best time to quit smoking is when you are already prepared. Always keep in mind it is your determination, commitment and strong desire that would push you to the doors of freedom. After studying your strengths and weaknesses, set a date but when that date comes, do all your best to quit smoking. If you fail the first attempt, stand up and quit again, don’t ever give up, keep on strengthening your determination and desire. To be honest with you, only a few could quit the first time successfully, for me it took several months before I quit smoking for good.

We know how difficult it is to quit if you are unprepared, so stay with this blog, we are here to help you, read the articles posted here again and again. If you have anything to say, please VOICE them out and subscribe to our feed.

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  1. I have difficulty Quitting Smoking. Now i am trying these Nicotine Patches so that i can Stop Smoking as soon as possible. I hope these nicotine patches works.

    • buying products like patch’s or the gum and just saying i hope they work is the wrong approach. WANT THEM TO WORK don’t hope they work, because i was on them for about a month (different stages) and your body still craves nicotine and even with them on you still want to smoke. ^^ just some advice

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