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For the past few weeks, I’ve been running 10 – 15 miles a week and it really gives you that satisfying feeling in maximizing your lungs to its fullest. When I quit smoking the first time, the first thing that improved immediately after a day without a cigarette was my blood pressure. Although I was very irritable during that period because of withdrawal from nicotine, my heartbeat was steady and calm, something I immediately appreciated and never felt so good for a very long time.

Next was my sense of smell and taste, honestly after a day or two without a cigarette, the smell of smoke was very disgusting. You could smell the stench in your fingers and I continuously kept washing my hands every now way back then. The taste of food also improved, no wonder this is one of the reason why ex-smokers gain weight. And the most important improvement I felt was the healing of my lungs, imagine after 22 years of puffing and inhaling that carbon monoxide inside of you, what do you think it would do to your lungs? But having faith in the wonderful healing process of our body, now I am running freely and happily.

There are so many benefits that you could immediately feel the moment you quit smoking and the earlier you become serious in quitting smoking the sooner you can reap these benefits.

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