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Another Friend has Quit Smoking


One of my drinking buddies has finally quit smoking and it’s been four days since he extinguished his last cigarette. The amazing thing about it is he quit cold turkey. Now knowing someone who quits specially someone close to you really makes you feel good. Yesterday, I kept on motivating him and emphasized not to doubt his decision and never try to smoke again. And if he sees someone who smokes, never envy that person instead he should pity that smoker.

I’m sorry to say this but it’s the truth smokers are slaves and addicts consumed by the advertisement and propaganda from big tobacco companies. Smokers will continue to have that what they call smokers’ cough, will continue to stink, unacceptable to the society, can acquire a dreadful disease anytime and will continue to spend money to get their fix. I guess, those things alone are enough to pity a smoker.

If you have considered quitting smoking, you have finally made the first step, everyday people are quitting this habit and believe in yourself, you can become one of them.

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