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Quit Smoking by Joining “Stop Smoking Forums”


Yesterday I joined a “Stop Smoking Forum,” now for those who are not familiar with the term, “forums” in the internet are Web sites where people sharing common interest, topic or niche come together to learn and to share. They discuss, ask questions, share their knowledge, tell their experiences, stories and opinions, to attain a common goal for the benefit of forum members and internet users as well. I guess that’s the most simple definition I could think of so now you can have an idea what’s this forum is all about.

Stop Smoking Forums Can Help You Quit

Joining a forum will help you attain your goal in gaining your freedom from the slavery brought by smoking. A forum will give you an opportunity to be a part of a community. You can ask questions, meet new acquaintances, hear different stories and opinions and learn lots of things. You will discover that somewhere out there someone is feeling the same way as you do, someone who needs help and on the other hand you will also meet someone who cares reaching out to give help. Forums can be a great source of strength and learning, so consider joining a forum today, try it, it’s free.

Stop Smoking Forums Will Help You Remain a Quitter

So now you are a quitter, free and smiling good. Well don’t underestimate this feeling, nicotine will attempt to snatch anyone, whether an ex-smoker or a non-smoker, temptation chooses no one. But who do you think is the weakest, of course an ex-smoker. I slipped twice after quitting for 2 years, can you imagine that?! After cursing and stopping the most filthy vice on this planet I fall for it again and not just once but twice. So this is the reason I put up this blog, as a source of strength and to remind me of my past mistakes. Now forums on the other hand can be a wonderful source of vigor to refute and fight such temptations. But this time it’s the other way around, this time you are the one answering questions, giving counsel, giving encouragement and strength and giving motivation to forums members who want to quit smoking. This will not only help you maintain your status but you also help build a better community in the Web.

So going back, I joined a forum yesterday, if you have time visit this Web site No Smoking Day Stop Smoking Forum, I’ll be using the name quitter2006 dragging this blog around me (lol), so see you around. If you have not yet considered quitting smoking now is the time, if you are encountering difficulty, please subscribe to my feed, I’ll do my best to share what I know to make quitting as painless as possible and always BELIEVE in yourself, you can quit smoking.


  1. right now i am trying to stop smoking because i am afraid of the diseases that i might get if i continue to smoke. there is lung cancer and other bad stuffs you can get from smoking.

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