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What Motivated Me to Quit Smoking


When I finally decided to quit smoking, it was a stressful event because I was reviewing for the US CPA Board exams (I passed by the way). If you are a heavy smoker reading this, you would realize how we are brainwashed that smoking relaxes our mind when we are studying (what a big lie). We are also made to believe that smoking at the same time helps us in our concentration and focus to what we are doing (another big lie trust me). All these kinds of beliefs are all myths and the real reason why we could not concentrate, focus and study is because of the withdrawal symptoms brought by nicotine addiction. The smoker needs to feed nicotine in his body in order to normalize it. Come to think of it, non-smokers or ex-smokers don’t need a cigarette or nicotine for them to concentrate or study is it not?

What Motivated Me to Quit Smoking?

I reached the point where I was feeling a sharp pain in my chest whenever I took a deep breath, although all my x-rays and medical exam results were normal, still, this condition bothered me a lot. I told myself, if I ever I pass the CPA exams but in the end I would end up acquiring a disease or sickness or even worse, cancer, everything I worked hard for, I thought would be useless. So from then on, the pain that I felt started the struggle for me to quit smoking. I really don’t know where that pain in my chest came from (now it’s gone) but thankfully it ignited within me the desire to quit smoking. It took a lot of trial and errors, experiments, failures but in the end I finally quit successfully.

Find Your Motivation

You are reading this post right now because of a want to quit smoking, well that’s good but not enough. Every smoker wants to quit but if a smoker really wants to stop it should be a desire, strong enough for the smoker to do anything for the attainment of it. Ask yourself, why are you smoking? Why are you doing it? You already know the bad results that would happen, you know about the addiction, the money being spent, the disease or sickness you might get. Yet you are still doing it.

It was the same thing with my grandma, she was almost 60 when the doctor told her if she won’t quit smoking, her health would deteriorate fast. Believe it or not, after smoking for almost 40 years she just threw all the tobaccos away, quit cold turkey and never smoked again like nothing happened (lol).

Find your motivation, it might be your health, you family, your spouse, your kids, the money you will save, the avoidance of sickness, social acceptance, long life or to prove that you are strong enough to control yourself.

So find a reason why you want and why you NEED to quit then write it. Write down your reasons and the good things and benefits you will get. Then read them daily until it reaches your subconscious mind and becomes a strong desire.

Example: I feel a sharp pain in my chest caused by smoking. I will now quit smoking and stop this nicotine addiction once and for all. I don’t need cigarettes anymore, they cause diseases, they smell and taste bad, they are addictive, and they make me feel and act like stupid. I am now a quitter and I am going to enjoying the following benefits:

  • I will have a healthy and long life.
  • I will live to see my kids growing up.
  • I will save money and used it for other useful endeavor.
  • I am now free from any disease or sickness that I would get from smoking.

That was just an example, I know you could make something better than that just use your creativity. Think for a moment before you light another cigarette, it’s your life that’s involved here, so if you are undecided yet “just do it,” you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, quit smoking today.

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Happy Valentines and KUNG HEI FAT CHOI to everyone!


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