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Association Makes Quitting Smoking Difficult


Have you ever wondered what makes quitting smoking so difficult? You might think it’s the addiction to nicotine but this is quite the opposite. Addiction can easily be controlled and the following facts can prove it. You can sleep 8 hours straight and won’t be bothered by nicotine addiction. You can watch a movie for 2 hours without the need for cigarette. You can stay inside the church for 1 – 2 hours without smoking. You can sit inside an airplane from 4 – 9 hours and can sit peacefully enjoying the ride without a cigarette. You can attend a 2 – 4 hour class or seminar without a cigarette. Abstaining from addiction is not painful, withdrawal symptoms will attack you but they won’t last more than 5 – 10 minutes. So if addiction can easily be controlled what makes it so difficult to quit?

Withdrawal Symptoms Combined with Associations Makes it Difficult to Quit

When your are bored and idle, you grab a cigarette. When you are stressed or had an argument, you grab a cigarette, the smoker thinks cigarettes are stress reliever. When you are drinking a cup of coffee you grab a cigarette. When you are stuck in a traffic, you grab a cigarette. When you’re done with your meals, you grab a cigarette, the smoker thinks a cigarette is good after a meal. When you are studying or reading, you grab a cigarette, the smoker thinks cigarettes improve their focus and concentration. When you are waiting for the next ride you grab a cigarette. When you answer the phone you grab a cigarette. When you are drinking you need a cigarette.

The list of associations are endless accumulated in a lifetime slavery of smoking. All these activities are the trigger factors that would force a smoker to smoke. These things, associations and other forms of habit chain the smoker to this filthy vice. Break the association of smoking from these activities and the smoker is almost a quitter.

I know it’s difficult to break the things which we have associated with smoking to our lives, but with your sincere desire to quit this habit, I know you can do it.

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