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JP Second Annual Walk to Remember


I would like to share to you for tomorrow’s activities here in Saipan and would like to invite you as well if you are staying within the island. Tomorrow February 20, 2010, Tan Holdings Corporation here at Northern Mariana Islands will be sponsoring the 2nd Annual Walk to Remember in memory of John Pangelinan or JP in short. Registration will start at 5am in front of JP Center, it is a 3 mile walk and this event aims to raise funds for Marianas march against cancer. So what’s this activity all about? Keep on reading…

Who was John Pangelinan (JP)?

John Pangelinan or JP was the former publisher of the Saipan Tribune (leading newspaper in The Northern Mariana Islands), he was a man full of compassion, good sense of humor, cheerful guy and would crack a naughty joke every once and a while. He worked for Tan Holdings Corporation for 23 years in various capacities and made a lot of contribution to the company. He was Born on October 26, 1937 and he passed away last February 5, 2008 after a long battle with lung cancer.

…and you might have guessed it right he was a smoker.

For you guys who are still smoking, please take the time to decide to quit smoking, don’t procrastinate and don’t wait before it’s too late. You can do it, there are so many ways to quit smoking, and you can quit freely by all means by quitting cold turkey, all it needs is your strong desire to QUIT, so please quit smoking today.

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