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Nicotine Addiction – The Story of How a Smoker Came to Be


Recall the first stick of cigarette you ever smoked, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure it never gave you anything favorable or pleasant for you to repeat it again. But due to peer pressure from friends, people in the house, neighbors, school mates, co-workers, influenced by movies, TV shows and million dollar advertisements, we continued inhaling those things until we got hooked by nicotine addiction. Soon thereafter you became an addict, smoking now has become a part of your life. You finally defend the cause of your addiction and say that cigarettes makes you feel great, it smells good and it tastes good.

Why a Smoker Decides to Quit

Afterwards you noticed that your health is deteriorating, you acquire colds and coughs that won’t go away. Your financial budget soon is being consumed by this vice, from time to time you start borrowing money cause you run out of cash or some other reasons just to buy cigarettes. Then you notice the stains in your teeth and your lips are becoming darker, soon you will realize that people are staying away from you because society disgusts smokers because of the second hand smoke you give and because of course the stink that your body and clothes give that smells like a smoke pit. Finally confronted with this situation you now decide to quit.

Nicotine Addiction Takes Over

You now try to quit but find it difficult, after smoking for too long, you now realize that smoking has been a part of your life. It now commands you, it has taken command over your life, you can no longer withstand the withdrawal symptoms that nicotine gives. Little do you know that withdrawal symptoms will only last 5 days up to 3 weeks and little do you know that you are much stronger than you think you are over nicotine addiction. You like to find an easy way to get over it and the easiest way of course is to light another cigarette.

Associations Make Quitting Difficult

Unknowingly aside from your addiction to nicotine, you have associated your habit of smoking in your daily activities. Now this has made quitting more and more difficult. When you do something like drink a coffee you light a cigarette and soon you will no longer enjoy your morning coffee without a cigarette. And as time goes by, you’ll soon associate most of your activities with smoking until finally even with the least and slightest stress, smoking will be attached so strongly that a simple ring of the telephone will make you crave for a cigarette.

Words of Advise

If you are not yet a heavy smoker or a chain smoker, please quit the soonest possible time or if you have just stumbled upon my blog and are just beginning to smoke, don’t even think about starting it, it will chain you to a lifetime misery. And if you are already a heavy smoker, decide and quit smoking today.

I have written many articles in this blog enough to help you quit as painless as possible search for them. If you have failed quitting so many times, don’t quit quitting, I’ve been there and in the end I succeeded and so can you.

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