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The Cost of Quitting Smoking


Have you ever wondered how much would it cost to quit smoking? Well it depends, you can quit free by quitting cold turkey, or you can surf the internet for free articles on how to quit smoking just like this blog. Or if that doesn’t work well, you can buy books or ebooks or use other aid to help you quit. I remember myself before surfing the internet before looking for ways to quit smoking. I bookmarked several Web sites way back then and would eventually visit them for any updates or read certain articles again and again that would boost my morale in quitting smoking. In the end I glad I did, those articles and or Web sites helped me a lot in quitting smoking. Now that this Quit Smoking Blog is established, everything becomes much much easier so subscribe to my feed if you have not done yet.

How Much are You Willing to Spend Just to Quit Smoking

If you are looking for a moment or waiting for an event where everything will come back just the way it used to be before you started smoking, trust me my friend that day will not come. If you are looking for a way to quit smoking for free, you have this blog to motivate you and you have at your disposal the Cold Turkey method and you won’t spend a dime quitting. But if you are like the majority of smokers out there including myself that failed so many times then you will need other methods and other quit smoking aids, read my previous article (Ways on How to Quit Smoking).

If you could make some simple computations on how much you have spent since you started smoking, you might be startled with the amount you have used in buying cigarettes. Now I will ask you, how much are you willing to spend just to quit smoking? If you are reluctant even just to buy a book about quitting smoking that costs only three packs of cigarettes then your desire is weak, weak enough for you to quit smoking successfully.

I have read stories about people who are willing to spend even a thousand dollars just to quit smoking and I believe the chances in succeeding for these people are higher. Not because of their money whether they are rich or not but because of their desire to quit. Now I am not telling you to spend a huge amount of money or a fortune just to quit but this will measure up your desire on how much you want to quit.

Money will not help you quit, it is your desire and your determination that will decide if you are going to quit smoking successfully or not. It’s up to you to use your money to help you quit or use your money to keep on buying those filthy cigarettes for no good reason at all.

Think of the Money You Will Save

Imagine you will smoke for another 10 or 20 years assuming that you’re still in perfect health, think of the money that you will spend. BUT, if you quit right now, that money will be the money you are going to save. So what will it be, the money you will spend or the money you will save. It’s all about you getting poorer by buying cigarettes and these tobacco companies getting richer by producing those addictive stuff that have enslaved you for so long.

You have been living in a world of lie, all the positive things you know about smoking are all lies. You have been brainwashed. You might watch a movie or advertisement about people smoking inside a car or inside a living room and you might think that’s good?! Why don’t you try smoking inside your car and believe me your car will be as good as a smoke pit. Try smoking in your living room (hope it’s not carpeted) and it will stink so badly that it will take weeks before the foul smell of smoke is relinquished.

Millions have been spent to produce an advertisement that will capture your attention, brainwash you and lure you into nicotine addiction and trust me these advertisements really work. So instead of letting them pull you, pull your sanity and yourself back. Tobacco companies need your money in exchange for a lifetime misery of addiction and slavery.

So before you buy another pack of cigarette, think about the money you are going to spend or save.

How Hard is it to Quit

Quitting smoking is not difficult, it is your mind that makes it difficult. I admire people who can quit smoking immediately and cold turkey without any help or aid whatsoever, their determination and desire is unquestionable. But for some, like me, who have failed smoking several times before succeeding succumbed to other quit smoking aids. Books, quit smoking articles, autosuggestions helped me a lot during the time I was quitting. Proper conditioning of the mind will greatly help most specially during the nicotine withdrawal stage.

But as soon as you get there, as soon as you quit for 2- 3 weeks, you will say to yourself “…that wasn’t bad after all.” It’s true, I’ve been there, ask any ex-smoker and we will tell you, quitting smoking WAS not at all so difficult.

So do something good or should I say give something best for yourself, quit smoking today.

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