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Ex-Smoker Olivia – I Will Never Want to Smoke Again


Testimonial – this is a contributed article from Olivia.

This is my sixth day of not smoking a cigarette. I started smoking at the age of 15; I am 35 now. 20 years…yikes!! I am using the patch and it is helping a great deal. But, using them makes me have crazy nightmares and dizzy spells. I can’t concentrate and I eat more, as if my blood sugar has plummeted suddenly. Orange juice works best for this problem.

I tried the gum in the past, but it didn’t help at all. I feel very confident that I will not pick up another cigarette. However, the urge always haunts me. Triggers are the worst. Now, I can smell the stench of stale, old, and funky cigarettes smoked in the past. The aroma is in my clothes(closet and drawers), furniture, rugs, and every room throughout my apartment. Gross! I never realized how pervasive the smoke really was until I quit. Cigarettes took my sense of smell away. Now, the smell makes my heart beat fast, as if I am salivating for a smoke.

I now detest the mere idea of ever smoking cigarettes again. I even thought of a scenario that put me in the position of being out socially (partying) and having just one. The thought of doing so is repugnant. I can’t even envision putting another cigarette to my lips. The pain that I experienced due to the withdrawal symptoms alone deters me from wanting to ever smoke again.

Rudy here, thank you very much for sharing your experience Olivia.

If we can quit smoking so can you, believe in yourself, quit smoking today!

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