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I’m Growing Habaneros and Jolokia


I love eating peppers and the hotter it gets the more I crave about it. The hottest pepper recorded is Jolokia and next to it are the Habaneros, since these stuff are not sold locally here, I plan to grow them. I already bought some seeds in the internet, collected old pails (pots) and bought recently seaweed fertilizer. Soon I’ll be acquiring some soil and as soon as the seeds arrive I’ll be more than ready in planting them. Because of my excitement of this gardening a whole bunch of peppers in containers, I put up another blog to document everything and you might want to follow it up if you are also passionate about peppers. I’m new in gardening so if you could share some new ideas, I’d appreciate a lot.

So what’s this stuff gotta do with quit smoking, well, if you are a smoker reading this, I want to ask you, isn’t it wonderful to do the things you like without smoking?! Well you could be passionate in something different or a hobby for that matter like raising chickens or pets and it’s great to be doing these things if you are not smoking. I thought before that I will be chained to this slavery forever but I was proven wrong, now I’ve already removed the associations and things are getting better and better ever since the day I quit.

So if you haven’t done yet or if you are planning to quit, QUIT now, be healthy and save a bunch of money and start doing the things you are passionate about like growing peppers.

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