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Finally you have quit smoking and after 3 weeks, nicotine withdrawal symptom barely bothers you. You can gracefully raise your hand and say proudly “thanks, but I already quit smoking…” when someone offers you a cigarette. You can enjoy drinking coffee without the slightest idea of lighting a cigarette and the habit and associations themselves have become very weak. You have quit successfully and finally looking back to your old self as a smoker, you feel great, attaining a bliss you have never dreamed you would attain, but here you are a happy and free ex-smoker, congratulations! But be on your guard always cause this is only just the beginning.

Being an ex-smoker does not guarantee you’ll never go back to this slavery of smoking again. There are many ex-smokers whom I have known who had this smoking relapse, or started to smoke again and you could hear several reasons and causes of this comeback. I myself fell for this smoking relapse and slipped twice, and in those two times, I smoked averaged 3 – 4 weeks each before quitting again. I was just fortunate enough that I have conditioned my mind properly and was able to removed the brainwashing about all the smoking lies that that was planted in my mind through autosuggestion. So it gave me no difficulty in quitting twice during my smoking relapses. But I know some who went back and was chained again to this misery. So please once you quit, don’t ever ever think of smoking again, and avoid at all cost the “just one stick” temptation. Keep in mind that this habit and slavery started with just one cigarette.

Appreciate this short life we have been given, it’s already too short, don’t make it shorter by chaining yourself to the slavery brought by smoking. Avoid the relapse, enjoy life with us, be a an ex-smoker and once again a non-smoker, maintain it, so subscribe to our feed (above).


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