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How to Handle Stress Without a Cigarette


Handling stress without a cigarette from a smokers’ point of view seems like a daunting task. The smoker knows that stress is a trigger mechanism that will prompt him to light a cigarette each time he is stressed. There are many causes of stress, from a simple defective drawer that won’t open or a ringing phone of your co-worker that is not answered to a major catastrophe or accident of a loved one. Now all of these are stress factors that would lead to lighting and puffing of cigarette. So if you could control them without a cig then you’re halfway in quitting smoking.

So how do you handle stress without those cigs? The following things which I have to say might be familiar or you might have already read them before but please, I ask you a favor to read them again. This will help boost your confidence and in one way or the other it will make it through your subconscious mind and will help you to cope up with stress without a cig and quit smoking permanently in the long run.

Drink Water

First, drinking plenty of water has been very effective to me when I was quitting smoking, so I am a living testimony that drinking water relieves stress. Water is given to people who have difficulty in breathing and it clears the tubes from your mouth going to your stomach. Not only will it relieve stress, it will also make you feel refreshed and better.

Another thing, one of the senses that triggers smoking is our sense of taste. If you have been smoking long enough, the taste of cigarette in your mouth will linger even if you brush your teeth or gargle a mouth wash. Believe me, even if your mind is far away from smoking once you taste the tar left by cigarettes in your mouth, it will signal your brain for you to light one. Now drinking water will wash away that taste and the sooner it is removed from your mouth the better it is for you in coping stress and quitting smoking.

Take a Deep Breath

Taking a deep breath will help supply your body with oxygen. This will help your brain cope up with the negative event you are into and will make you feel and think better. Deep breathing will also help you control the urge for 5 minutes, enough to outlast a strong attack brought by all the factors that will motivate you to smoke (which will be discussed later). Deep breathing has many uses, it is used in martial arts, yoga, hypnotism, and various exercises. Not only does it promote good health but it also helps relieve stress, contain withdrawal symptoms and finally in quitting smoking.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk will keep your mind off a stressful event and stall you from smoking. You can walk and go into the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath and drink a glass of water. You may walk into the office your boss or co-worker who doesn’t smoke (of course) and start a conversation or discuss something relevant in your work. Each time stress strikes you, stand up and walk, it doesn’t need to walk a mile to relieve you, taking 5 long strides will be enough to make you take a deep breath and keep your mind away from what you’re currently thinking.

5 Minute Therapy

I will emphasize this “5 minutes and soon it will pass” and will call it therapy cause it really works. When I finally quit smoking in 2006, the first three days were the most difficult moments. The temptation to smoke will hammer you down and if you are not quite ready you will fail easily and this 5 minute therapy greatly helped. Each time I was tempted to smoke I faced the greatest withdrawal symptom I ever had in my whole entire life, well no questions about that if you smoked heavily for 22 years. I could actually feel the numbness behind my ears and my jaws locking up, brought by stress, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, habit and associations. But this did not let me down, despite the fact that I myself was motivated to light a cigarette, I knew it was just a false emotion. So I did control the urge by drinking water, taking a deep breath making myself busy because I knew I only have to hold on for 5 minutes and everything will pass and so it did and was grateful for holding on. It went on like this, it was like having an attack every now and then for the first 3 days and soon it became weak and as days passed by it could barely scratch your back to tempt you.

Take note, this “5 minutes” will work best if you have conditioned your mind properly, if you have understood and removed all the lies and brainwashing that was planted in your mind about the “good stuff” brought by smoking. Remember, there are NO “good stuff” brought by smoking and you won’t get anything good about it. It will only bring you misery, it will make you an addict, it will drag you down into poverty and it will lessen your short lived life. Life is already short, don’t make it shorter by smoking. Staying in control for 5 minutes not only helped me quit smoking but it also helped me develop one of the greatest virtues there is which is self-control.

Stress Without a Cigarette

It took some time before your were addicted to nicotine and you put a lot of effort puffing that disgusting smoke inside your body before you became used to it. So it will be the same if you want to quit smoking, break the addiction, habit and associations. It will take a lot of effort to quit and it’s up to you if you will make it a hardship on your part or you could make it fun by being inspired in becoming an ex-smoker saving you tons of money and making your life stretch a bit longer. We all regret taking that first puff in the past but we should all look into the future.

You have to learn to cope up with stress even without those cigarettes and it’s the first step in quitting smoking. If you are waiting, dreaming or wishing for a day or a moment that would arrive in your doorstep stress free so you could quit easily, sorry to tell you but it does not exist and it will never come. Stress is part of life be it good or bad, whether you are losing or winning, it’s there, it is what distinguishes us from other living beings because we have emotions.

So if you really want to handle stress without cigarettes, do the things mentioned above and make the decision to stop smoking for good, subscribe to our feed for more quit smoking articles.

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