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There came a time when I was smoking heavily that I couldn’t imagine life without cigarettes. I was totally hooked and after failing to quit several times, I thought I was going to be chained to this misery forever. I was smoking a pack a day and you could just imagine the money I was throwing away (to make tobacco companies rich) and the carbon monoxide and tar I am pumping inside my body. I was so addicted and hooked that I thought only a doctor’s advise will be able to make me quit. But I guess I proved myself wrong, one only has to believe in himself that quitting smoking is possible and can be done to be successful in freeing oneself from the slavery of smoking.

Believe That You Can

I’ve always been emphasizing in my articles that a strong desire and belief is needed in order to quit smoking successfully. Wishful thinking or hoping wishy washy will not help you quit. Every heavy smoker out there will tell you how they “wish” they could quit smoking and how they “wish” they could be non-smokers again. But how many smokers who tried to quit have become successful? Only those with strong desire, strong determination and those who believe in themselves that they can have been successful. Believe and have confidence in yourself and if at times, if you think you are losing hope and faith in yourself, always remember that we are here for you and we believe in you. We believe that you can quit and become a non-smoker just like us once again.

Accept On Who You Are

Acceptance is the first thing you have to do. Once you have accepted that you are an addict to nicotine and once you have accepted that smoking has never in any way given you something positive, then you have taken the first step. Simply recall the first stick of cigarette you lighted, it gave you no good feeling, it made you dizzy, you can actually smell how it stinks in your mouth, fingers and clothes. But once nicotine kicked in, your mind tried to justify its addiction. At the same time withdrawal symptoms are also caused by nicotine itself because a smoker is addicted he feels these symptoms when nicotine levels in his body declines. And in order to remove these withdrawal symptoms the smoker has to get rid the substance out of his body.

Commit to Quit Smoking

Once you have accepted to yourself about the bad things you get from smoking, it’s time to commit. Commit that you are now ready to quit, remember, the only one who can force you to smoke those cigarettes is you and your own self alone, no one else can force you. Write down the bad things you get from smoking and the good things that you will achieve once you quit and read them daily. Say out loud to yourself that you are now a non-smoker, keep on saying it to yourself many times a day specially before you go to sleep and soon you will develop the confidence and start believing in yourself that you could quit smoking easily.

There many ways to quit smoking although I recommend that you quit cold turkey, it’s the most effective and least expensive way in quitting smoking. But if you are finding difficulties in quitting there are many aids to help you quit, read books, use nicotine substitutes, autosuggestion, hypnotism, join forums, etc. (Many Ways on How to Quit Smoking) Don’t be worried about the cost as long as it’s reasonable and within your budget, in the long run you will be able to save more money and prolong your life by quitting smoking.

Commit yourself today, there are many websites focusing in helping you quit smoking, we are here to help you and this blog is here to help you. Whether you are struggling to quit or have already quit and trying to maintain being a non-smoker, subscribe to our feed and never miss an article.


  1. What a great post! Having just quit myself (I’m on day 4, woo hoo!), it is nice to find other blogs with helpful tips and personal stories that I can relate to. Link up to my blog, if you don’t mind! I’d love to get in on some discussions with others going through the process of quitting.


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