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How to Prevent Weight Gain When Quitting Smoking


weight_lossSome people I know who successfully stop smoking gained weight after living a life free from nicotine and I always get two (2) common answers if I ask them the reason why they gained weight. First, the food has never tasted better and their appetite has increase dramatically and controlling the urge to eat is very difficult, resulting in obesity and weight problems. Although there are many reasons or factors why people gain weight, quitting smoking has been misunderstood as one of the factors why quitters or ex-smokers become overweight or encounter weight gain problems.

Smoking is a Habit

I mentioned before in one of my articles that there are three (3) factors why quitting smoking makes it so difficult to do because of three factors. First, addiction, second association and the last one is habit. Altogether these trio works so well that quitting smoking is almost impossible to attain if you will not know thy enemy. So let’s focus about the last one, habit. Habit is something you have been used in doing something that it becomes automatic in doing it consciously or unconsciously. Now a habit which is deeply rooted is very difficult to break and the easiest way to get over it is to replace it.

When a person tries to quit smoking whose brainwashed mind has not been properly cleared or conditioned, he will try to replace the habit of smoking with something else. He might try chewing gum, candies, junk foods or anything that would make his mouth busy. Soon after the smoker has successfully quit, he has replaced his old habit with a new habit, thus the reason in having eating problems and gaining weight. Although controlling or correcting someone’s eating habits, weight gain or obesity is much easier to do than quitting smoking.

Find a Good Replacement

When I quit smoking, I never used candies or chewing gum, I guess I was fortunate having no interest in sweets so what I replaced with it was water. I drank plenty of water, every attack that came during the withdrawal stage I drank and drank water. One of my friend’s replacements was reading excerpts pulled or taken from a book or article he has read. He always carried these index cards and every time he was tempted, he pulled them out, read them and meditated upon them. Some ex-smokers’ experiences I’ve read is they do deep breathing while some stand up, do stretching exercises or take a walk until the temptation subsides. In short, whenever you are confronted by your habit of pulling and lighting a cigarette, do something to take your mind away from it. Instead of eating and making your mouth busy, do something else to avoid the problems of weight gain in the future.

What to Do When You’re Overweight

I won’t deny the fact that it’s true, food will taste better when you quit smoking, but having an uncontrolled appetite or eating habit is not a good excuse to blame everything when you quit smoking. Whether you are a non-smoker or ex-smoker it’s up to you to live a healthy life. So what if you have developed a negative eating habit after quitting and has become a problem like being obese. Well, still be proud, smoking is much more difficult to contain than your current situation right now. There are many books, CDs or DVDs to help you in losing weight. Aerobics and fitness centers are all around you or you can establish a daily exercise schedule to help you shed of those excess fats.

So when you decide to quit smoking for good and permanently, choose the right habit to replace your smoking habit so you won’t have any problems in gaining weight. But what if I’m having difficulty quitting smoking without these gum, candies, chips, soda or junk foods, you might ask? Again, don’t allow yourself to be consumed by another bad habit so try your best to develop a new healthy habit that will replace the old one. But if you can’t really control it, the important thing is for you to quit smoking first. After that, solve the new problem (eating habits and gaining weight) brought forth by quitting afterwards. Because I believe, if you have conquered smoking, then controlling your eating habits and weight problems, with the proper desire, would be a lot easier, don’t you think?!

If you haven’t made the decision to quit smoking, now is the time, subscribe to our feed, decide now and be free from the slavery of smoking today!

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