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A Pack of Cigarette Costs Eleven Dollars in New York


A new law was enacted to raise the prices of cigarettes to $11.00 in New York and will be effective July 1. Fortunately I already kicked that habit, but for those nicotine addicts in New York, if they won’t decide to quit smoking, well they will be a lot poorer trying to maintain their kick of nicotine. Unless of course if the smoker is filthy rich, he might escape the financial hardships but on the other hand they won’t be able to run away from the health hazards they are going to acquire.

Anyway, this was made for the state to acquire more funds to be used in various projects. I once reasoned out when I was still a smoker, that smokers are heroes because they are willing to die smoking by paying high taxes to be used for the benefit of the many (LOL).

So, are you willing to spend $11.00 just to smoke?

Please read the full article Cigarette Tax Increase in New York

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