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5 Amazing Facts About Smokers that Make Them an Amazing People


You will hear a lot of negative things that people say about smokers.

Although smokers live a miserable life, they stink, they are slaves and they are nicotine junkies, smokers are amazing people and you might be shocked to discover the amazing truth behind it.

Well I’m not making fun of smokers because I was also a smoker before. I’m just trying to impart some funny things that might at least in one way or the other give motivation and help smokers strengthen their motivation to quit.

After reading this post, the way you think about smokers will never be the same again. And you will give them respect and honor especially once you read the last part of this post.

Smokers are Good Budget Officers

Cigarette is a very expensive commodity, so the amount of money that is being spent to this extravagant vice must be taken seriously.

Now why do I say that smokers are great Budget Officers? It takes great analysis in order to squeeze the amount of money smokers are spending for their cigarettes.

They will of course allocate funds first for their nicotine master before they start budgeting for important necessities like food, clothing and entertainment. Sounds stupid but it’s true.

The smoker might even say to his family to start saving because of economic difficulties. But the truth is, he is just trying to convince his family to save so he can buy those filthy cigarettes.

I would like to share the story of a smoker how his vice has adversely affected himself. One day his son was begging him for a few dollars to buy snacks. Now, at that time, the father has only a few dollar bills left in his pocket enough to buy 1 pack of cigarette for the day.

And you know what he said to his son, “those snacks are not healthy, go inside the house and cook something better.”He didn’t give his son the money because he needs it to get his dose of nicotine. How sad, but he told me he really regret what he did.

Smokers are Obedient Servants

During the peak of my smoking career, I will go out in the middle of the night just to buy cigarettes if ever I ran out of them. I don’t care if I have to walk a mile away, the important thing is I get my regular dose of nicotine.

Meaning, no matter how far or how late it was in the night I will go out just to please my nicotine master and I’m pretty sure I’m not just the one experiencing this kind of obedience.

Even in situations where the smoker is not allowed to smoke, he will be creative enough to find a way just to light a cigarette. And it will take something like “you will be thrown in jail if you are caught smoking” sign in order to control the smoker.

I guess no one will try to smoke inside an airplane because it’s a criminal offense to do so.

Smokers Waste Nothing

One of my former smoking buddies visited me one day and he noticed the coins I was able to stack placed on a large container in the living room. The moment he looked at me after looking at the big container, we both smiled. I said when I was still smoking I never saved any coins not even a penny.

I always use the coins first to buy cigarettes before pulling off any dollar bills. At times you will see me looking for coins hunting them under the bed, sofa, inside my drawers and in the pockets of my used clothes whenever my wallet runs out of cash.

Interesting is it not? Smokers will not waste anything, you will be fortunate if you were filthy rich, but if you are like most ordinary smokers out there, those meager cents become really precious.

Smokers Don’t Fear Death

Smokers aren’t afraid of death, even with the worst cough attacking them, they care less and would still puff those filthy cigarettes. Honestly, I just don’t know why, that the most important benefit of all, which is health gives the smoker the least motivation to quit.

So those HEALTH magazines, newsletter, books or other related HEALTH literature scaring the smoker to quit is useless. Even if you show him pictures of people dying of cancer brought by smoking, to no avail, he would still buy those filthy cigarettes.

Unless of course the doctor will make the smoker choose either to quit and live or continue smoking and die because of a serious smoking related disease like cancer.

I’ve known people who are smoker cancer survivors and all that they have is regret. Well, as the saying goes, you will only value life the moment you are already dying.

Smokers are Heroes

Heroes? Did you just hear that smokers are heroes? Yes you did!  You see, they buy cigarettes, they punish themselves, they become addicts, they live a miserable life and they are prepared to suffer the worst smoking diseases ever and they do this in order for their government to earn additional revenue from cigarette taxes.

Smokers are willing to DIE for their country.

And when the smoker eventually suffers from cancer or dies because of smoking, he doesn’t even want to claim any recognition for the self sacrifice he made. Isn’t that lovely?

So I suggest keeping on raising the taxes of cigarettes, to heed the call of our heroes.

Amazing but it’s true, smokers are like that. So which one would you rather be, a living coward or a dying hero (LOL). My friend, thank you for finishing this article, you are almost a quitter. Believe in yourself we both know you can do it, quit smoking for good today!

Stay motivated, know what happens when you quit smoking.


  1. As long as it is possible to get cigarette in the real world it is impossible to stop smoking. The only way is to tell yourself that it is not available in the world

  2. hahaha love this post, it’s true i was laughing on its content i feel like im being pointed to it, i remember the time when i have no job and no money i was left alone in the house and i search for coin’s just to buy cigarette, funny fact’s , thanks

  3. Quitting is not easy and you have to really want to quit smoking. Do it for yourself not for others. Figure out the pros and cons and try different methods because everyone is different. and do not dismiss one way without trying it first.

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