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4 Reasons Why Health Benefits Do Not Motivate a Smoker to Quit Smoking


It’s really funny but if you will notice, the greatest benefit a smoker will get when he stops smoking is the thing that will give him least motivation to quit. Well of course everyone knows that the greatest benefit a smoker will acquire once he stops is improving and maintaining his health. But no matter what, when it concerns the smoker’s health, it’s futile to motivate the smoker when it concerns the negative effects of smoking in his body.

Show the smoker pictures of lungs devastated by carbon monoxide and he will just smile at you. Read to the smoker the various possible diseases including cancer that he may acquire from smoking and he will just shrug his shoulder. Take him to a hospital or best to a Lung Cancer Institute, show him the patients who are dying of cancer because of smoking and he will just say “guess I’m lucky I still don’t have cancer yet.”  I’ve been a smoker and I tell you, all of the things stated above are true, the smoker will snob you straightaway when you use his health as a motivation.

So does this mean that the smoker no longer cares for his health? Of course not, the smoker loves his health, he doesn’t want a cough that doesn’t go away neither does he like catching his breath just by climbing the stairs. But what is the real reason he becomes immune when his health is being discussed and how do we motivate a smoker to quit in order to maintain his health? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Addiction to Nicotine

Did you know that addicts will at all cost try to defend the substance that are causing their addiction? It’s the same thing with smoking, the smoker will try to defend his precious cigarettes rather than try to abstain and quit them. Nicotine not only has made the body of the smoker dependent to it but it also has affected his psychological thinking and perceptions as well. His mind is blinded from the truth, he has accepted things which are NOT true like his belief that smoking relieves his stress; well in fact smoking is the one adding up more stress in his life.

So no matter how life threatening are the things you are going to say regarding his smoking habit, it won’t work. Unless of course the smoker’s doctor will tell him to quit or ELSE… My grandma, 96 years old and still alive, who smoked for more than 30 years quit cold turkey and never smoked again in her remaining life when her doctor told him to quit smoking.  Geez, if all smokers are that committed I think many tobacco companies will go bankrupt (LOL). So going back, the smoker’s addiction to nicotine is one of the main reasons why he is blinded to the negative effects of smoking in his body.

Negative Health Effects are Not Immediate

We all know that smoking increase the chances of lung cancer. Take note it increase the chances, so it means a person can smoke all his life yet he may or may not die of lung cancer, lucky for him if he doesn’t die of smoking related diseases.  So here is another reason why a smoker is not threatened about the negative effects of smoking in his body, the negative effects of smoking on his health is not immediate. Depending on the immune system of smokers, some acquire smoking related diseases easily than others.

Even if the negative effects on the smoker’s health is not immediate, it does not become an excuse to smoke now and then quit later. And have you ever thought if the next cigarette you are going to light will be the one to trigger a disease that you will regret you the rest of your life? Well, that’s a good thing about the future, no one really knows what will happen next, because if anyone can, then I suppose the person who is dying right now because of lung cancer caused by smoking should have never smoked at the first place.

The Smoker Knows It at the Start

No one was born a smoker, I mean of course at least you already know what is wrong from what is right before you started smoking, the only exception maybe is the boy from India who started smoking at the age of 2. Before I started smoking, I despise smokers, I even made a solemn promise that I will never smoke in my whole entire life. I knew the bad effects that it will do unto someone’s health, I knew that it increase the chances of cancer, I knew the dreadful diseases that you can acquire, in short I already know the bad effects smoking can cause in a person’s health. Yet I fell for the trap and started smoking.

I presume almost all smokers know the bad effects that smoking can cause in his health before they started smoking. So when they got hooked, the first thing to do, of course is to ignore these negative effects that it will cause on one’s health. As the smoker matures in his vice, as his dependency to nicotine strengthens and as his intake of nicotine increases, the more he is going to ignore the bad things that will affect his health from smoking.

Human Nature

I think this reason applies almost to everyone, man by nature is stubborn well I guess at times this is the reason why life is wonderful, although sometimes it is also the reason why life becomes horrible. As long as the smoker feels nothing bad or serious, he will always disregard the negative effects of carbon monoxide and nicotine in his body. Even with the worst cough ever, the smoker will find a way to light a cigarette. And the more you say about the ill effects of smoking in his health, the more the smoker will keep on puffing those filthy cigarettes just to prove that it’s not doing anything wrong to him.

Motivation to Quit

I was once a smoker so I know the same language that smokers speaks. Whenever I was advised before by my friends and colleagues to quit because of the negative things it will do to my health, I always ignore them. Sad but it’s true, the greatest benefit will bring the least motivation to quit. I’m going to share with you my experience on how I was motivated to quit because of my health. In my job we were required to undergo physical exam every year and this includes chest x-rays and you could just imagine a sleepless night a day before the exam because of the worry that I will fail due to a smoking related disease. So as years passed this routine went on. Soon I started reviewing for the CPA board exam and I was of course planning to transfer to another job once I passed, which again will require another medical exam.

Then the idea of failing the physical exam bothered me this time thoroughly. What if I already have a spot, or a tumor for that matter; then no one is going to hire me, or my current employer may just fire me. I am already old, got a family to feed and I don’t want to leave my kids at this stage in their life. This went on for days, and because I was thinking about it over and over again, my cough got worse my colds never left me, I couldn’t breathe deeply, this and other factors contributed why I finally decided to quit smoking for good.

Please read the statement below 5 times:

Have you ever thought of discovering a spot or tumor in your lungs when you undergo your annual physical exam? Have you ever thought of having a lung cancer one day and found yourself spitting up blood? Would you rather sleep peacefully or would you rather cry in the night because of some acquired smoking related disease?

After reading that statement 5 times, I’m pretty sure it will stick in your mind and make you wonder for a little bit. But whether it sticks in your mind or not, please read this article How to Quit Smoking Using Autosuggestion. Before reading it, listen to me very carefully. It’s not yet too late to quit, you are reading this damn article and you have reached this part because you want to quit, am I right? So do it now, do something, start practicing, prolong your intake of cigarettes, cherish the withdrawal stage, start quitting, visualize that you are no longer a smoker, read affirmations, strengthen your desire and determination and lastly, believe in yourself.

Instead of using your money buying those good for nothing cigarettes, why don’t you use them to buy books, aids, and programs? Think about your health and think about the money you are going to save. If you really are committed, you will do everything at all cost to quit.

Believe it will happen and believe that you can, quit smoking today my friend!

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