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Serious Reasons for Giving Up Smoking


Eventually, you’ll come to a point and ask yourself, “When should I quit smoking?” You know you have to quit soon enough but don’t know how or when to start, right? Or you tried quitting before but didn’t succeed. This is exactly what you need; a mindset that is totally prepared giving up smoking. We just have to reaffirm it once again to achieve your goal.

Every single non-smoker person around you wants to convert you. Your family or friends will constantly bump you to quit. Your doctor who’s making a fortune is, nevertheless, concern with your health and encourages you to quit smoking. Here come nonsmoking restaurants, offices, bars and any indoor public spaces. Your world is getting small.

If you’ve tried quitting before, you know how difficult it is to deal with the cravings. But is quitting really worth a try? Will you be able to stand the freezing winter season without lighting a cigarette? Or leave your office desk during coffee breaks without smoking?

If you smoke, you will never realize how stinky you’ve become. Cigarette leaves unpleasant smell to your clothes, body, car or even in your house. Try to ask a kid, and he’ll tell you how stinky you’ve become. You can’t expect your family or friends to tell you this out of respect. They rather remain in silent and wait until you realize it.

After you ditched smoking, you’ll see how smoke smells like in your clothes, car, or in your house.  Your sinuses will soon clear up, and mild allergies will vanish. You will breathe healthier, better and clearer.

As we mentioned in the past, smoking can be triggered if the right ingredients are present – stress is one of them. I’ve known people who, after giving up smoking, have smoked once again because of tensions unexpected events and circumstances that happen. This occurs because the brainwashing of smoking is still in their head. You have to remove the belief in your mind that smoking is good and is making you feel better because this is completely false.

If you were one of them, expect the symptoms to recur. Breathing problems, cough and colds just to name a few.  As little as six months, you’re back to square one. If you keep falling into this cycle, it will be one-step difficult every time you want to quit because you know you can just smoke repeatedly.

So the easiest way not to fall into a smoking relapse is to plant in your mind that smoking is bad and has done nothing good to your body. Smoking is only destroying your body and ripping your hard earned money. Once you have done this, you will no longer miss the temporary boost that nicotine delivers because this boost is the thing that makes you an addict.

Ask yourself this time, “Should I stop smoking for good?” Are you willing to spend $40 a week or more for filthy cigarettes, breathing problems month after month, or unable to climb the stairs without catching your breath? Not to forget the people who are covering their noses each time you pass by and the people who stay away from you because the fear of second hand smoke.

Many effective natural methods are available that will help you quit smoking in no time. There are so many stop smoking help resources you could find out there especially in the Internet. Every time you feel the urge to smoke, remember those questions again. Always work to achieve your goal no matter how difficult it may seem. Reasons for giving up smoking are endless, but once you succeed, reward yourself, a vacation perhaps, for a job well done.


  1. It is a wonderfull experience to finally conquer the cigarette, I am on day 28 and loving it. Got past the addiction part now its just up to me… Lot of truth what you have written!

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