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Quit Smoking and Sleep Like a Baby


Have you ever observed a sleeping baby?

Unless the baby is suffering from colic, a baby will sleep peacefully throughout the night. You can carry the baby, move it, change its clothes and do almost anything that will not cause any violent movement that will awaken it.

You can even hear him snore; honestly yes, when my daughter was still a baby, she snores lightly and seeing her sleeping peacefully hearing her gentle snore is enough to give you peace and inner happiness.

So why am I discussing how a baby sleeps? Well when I was a smoker, I never slept like a baby and if you are a smoker reading this post, I’m pretty sure you are also not sleeping like one. For a smoker, the night is not a moment to find peace, relaxation and rest.

There were times when I feel the tightness in my lungs and I could not breathe. There were times when my body was trying to cleanse my lungs and I find myself coughing severely. And there were times when I was haunted and my mind keeps on worrying about the smoking related disease I could acquire.

Every pain I feel in my chest and in my head produce undying imaginations of me having a dreadful lung cancer or a tumor developing in my head. These are just a few things that never made me sleep like a baby. Although some smokers are happy during the night time because they could save themselves from smoking.

If you are also suffering or undergoing the same situation that I did as I mentioned above when I was still a smoker, isn’t it time for you quit smoking? I think you have given enough money to tobacco manufacturers and the government. And I think you have piled enough trash in your body that would finally trigger a major disease anytime.

Why not decide to stop smoking once and for all. Start planning now, this blog alone contains so many articles to help you quit smoking. You could also buy quit smoking books and I recommend the one written by Allen Carr – Easy Way to Stop Smoking. There are many stop smoking help resources that you could find online and offline.

With all these help and support and knowing the reasons for giving up smoking, you will find quitting smoking easily. It’s only your mind that says quitting is difficult.

Now going back, of course you will not find the baby sleeping peacefully every night. Sometimes the baby will call your attention and would cry the whole night. A typical example is when the baby is suffering from colic. Colic by the way is condition wherein the baby will cry or scream in the night for extended periods.

Although this may occur in the first few months it may last until the baby is one year old. The funny thing is that, smokers have their own “colic.” Well, they are not crying physically of course but they can’t sleep peacefully for varying reasons like the ones I stated above. And trust me, the only time I find myself sleeping peacefully is when I finally quit smoking.

So think carefully, will you now decide to quit smoking and sleep like a baby in the night or would you continue on smoking and cry like a baby?

The choice is yours!


  1. I’m an ex-smoker and gave up eight years ago. I thought I’d never give up. In truth I just hadn’t been ready. Eventually what had once been a pleasure had become a thorn in my side, and like any bad relationship, I had begun to hate and resent it – the amount of money I was spending, the smell on my clothes and so on.

    Now I help other people give up smoking by using hypnotherapy and it works! Of all the people I have treated, less than 5% have required a follow up session.

    Want to quit and you can make it happen.

    Rue Asher

  2. Rudy, your blog is very informative and inspiring for people who are trying to quit smoking. Keep up the great work. Would love to see more quality articles like this in your blog.


  3. It’s been over 5 months since my last cigarette and it feels good. There are a lot of things that I am better able to enjoy such as; tasting food, smelling and yes — sleeping. At first, I thought that it was only the absence of an activity before going to sleep (I used to smoke 3 sticks before sleeping) that allowed me to wake up refreshed. However, from what I have read, it is more likely due to the having less or no nicotine in my system. Nice post and thanks!!

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