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When Will You Decide to Quit Smoking


I would like to start this post by asking you a personal question. Then to be followed by several questions that would at least make you sit and think for a while that you may consider that “now” is the right time to quit smoking.

When will you decide to quit smoking?

  • After you have acquired a major disease like lung cancer?
  • After you have spent a large sum of money let’s say around USD10K
  • After your kids have learned the nicotine addiction?
  • After one of your loved ones at home acquire a disease caused by second hand smoke?
  • After an accident that is caused by this addiction and habit?
  • Tomorrow, the day after, next week, next month, next year or would you just keep on smoking?

Before you continue to read this post, why not try to think carefully about the questions written above? What are you waiting for, hundreds of smokers are becoming ex-smokers each month, why not come and join us right now.

We’ve heard this time and again, “It’s never too late to quit smoking.” Smokers should think about this very simple yet powerful quote all the time. No one says quit smoking is a walk in the park. It takes courage and dedication to stop being a cigarette addict.

One way to do that is to stop thinking the pains of quitting, as they are only but short term. What you need to do instead is to think all the benefits that you’ll get once you’ve finally put an end to smoking. Are you willing to lose your health, money, time and honor? If you do, then perhaps do me a favor of sparing your loved ones or the people around you.

Do You Really Have To Quit?

Personally, I can only think of one reason why you need to stop smoking now and that’s none other than your health. Smoking robs away your health and vitality. You should know this by now; after all, with so much money invested on warning labels and info TV commercials, it’s impossible you haven’t come across anyone of them. Every time you smoke, that cigarette pack you’re holding right now is a clear reminder that you do need to quit.

The benefits of quit smoking far outweigh all the “benefits” that you get when you’re smoking. Think about cancer, hypertension, heart and lung diseases. Whenever you smoke, it’s like getting a free ride heading towards getting these various illnesses. Pregnant women, listen to this. If you want to save yourself and the baby, you better stop smoking right now or else you run the risk of miscarriage.

If you’ve been smoking for years and years and now you have some plans in giving up smoking, then you are making the right decision. Chain smokers will get all the benefits if they finally put an end to it. It will allow you to enjoy a quality life — free from respiratory diseases such as cough and colds, better resistance to common illnesses and will dramatically reduce your chances of catching pneumonia or bronchitis. We all know that smoking curbs life expectancy of a smoker.  How many people enjoyed their long lives because they weren’t smoking?

To get you started, I’ve listed the most obvious profits, which hopefully kick-start your desire to leave smoking for good.

  • When you stop smoking, you’ll reduce your chances of catching the dreaded cancer, heart problems and lung related diseases.
  • Life expectancy dramatically improves, which means spending quality time with your friends and family.
  • You feel and look healthy, improved vitality and more energy. In return, you can do the things that you’ve done before like climbing stairs without panting.
  • Your fertility rate improves once more; smoking is known to cause infertility.

We can go forever with all the benefits that you’ll likely get. Don’t think about the pains but think the benefits. Life is beautiful and there is so much left undone.

Ask your friends to support you, join stop smoking help groups, clubs or organizations, talk to your doctor or health professional, go into counseling and ask for their moral support. You need all of them to finally stop. There are proven methods, programs and medications to assist you as you go through the quit smoking program. Get back on the right track and gain control of your life once more.


  1. I am also an ex-smoker. I agree with Wilson that a smoker has to be motivated by his or her own desire to quit. I smoked for over 35 years. I used to justify my behavior by saying that it really didn’t hurt since I smoked no more than a pack a day. I called myself a moderate smoker. I finally got the revelation that I was slowly killing myself and on March 2, 2008, I smoked my last cigarette. If you are a smoker and reading this post, you want to quit. Go for it! It will be the best decision you will make in your life!

  2. For smokers addicted, they find it difficult to kick the habit and almost always do so if they come down with a smoking related disease themselves.
    Others have the attitude of “I’m going to die one day whether I smoke or not, so why quit”.

    I’m an ex-smoker and I know how difficult it is to quit. The most important factor when it comes to quitting, the smoker MUST want to quit otherwise whatever method used is not going to work.

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