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Ex-Smoker Benny


This was a comment submitted by Benny to one of our articles entitled Quit Smoking Side-Effects and we published it as a post to help give motivation to those soon to be non-smokers. Thank you very much Benny for your story.

This is day 2 for me of quitting. I got to be honest, after reading some of these comments I couldn’t believe how crazy some people sounded. “I have terrible joint pains everywhere!!” “I can’t breathe right I’m constipated” ever stop and think that those things might be happening for a reason other than the fact that you quit smoking? I know that not everyone will have the same withdrawals to quitting but the more you blame quitting for these “side effects” that you’re experiencing the less of a chance you’re giving yourself to quit.

You’re subconsciously telling yourself that these are withdrawals from cigarettes and if you were to smoke again it would make you feel normal again. And I believe it was Ric that said it, and you said it right, no cheating, no drags, no smoking at all. If you’re not going to break your smoking habit, chances are you won’t be successful at quitting.

These e-ciggs are just a way of lying to yourself that you’ve gotten over your bad habit but in reality that’s just increasing your chances that one day you’re going to light up a real cigarette cause you either won’t have an e-ciggs with you when you need it, or because you just won’t care anymore. Your lifestyle hasn’t changed any if your still puffin on electric ciggs or taking small drags or just smoking “one” cigarette while you’re out drinking with your friends.

I wish the best for everyone here in their efforts to quit smoking, believe me I do, and I know I have a long road ahead of me as well, but trust me this “oh I haven’t smoked for 12 days now besides this one time, or this other incident a couple days ago”. Just drop it cold turkey, it’s the best way. And as for these patches and gums they’re just plain stupid, 90% of them have small doses of nicotine in them to give your body what its craving without actually smoking a cigarette, so it seems like the quitting process is so much easier but as soon as you stop chewing that gum or using those patches for a few days your no better off than if you quit cold turkey anyway.

Just don’t do it [stop smoking], that’s it, no cheating, and no substitutes. Breaking a bad habit takes 28 days of not doing it. It [smoking] is the bad habit and smoking e-cigs isn’t [going to help] break the habit. And it only takes 10-14 days for your body to lose its craving for nicotine, and any patch that’s actually going to help with your withdrawals is still feeding your body with nicotine, and if it doesn’t contain any nicotine, then it’s simply a placebo (which is not bad, it’s just a way to give you hope, but in order to really conquer the problem you should do it yourself if possible). Lose the nicotine, break the habit, and in 1 month time your free.

Again Benny, congratulations and thank you for your story.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.


  1. Wow, i didnt know my comment would actually be considered a good enough or motivational enough story for it to be recognized by the moderators on this website. I really hope it helps anyone who reads it in their efforts to quit smoking because it really is easy if you just put your mind to it. If you really and truly want to quit smoking, then nothing can really stop you, same goes for most thing that you truly want in life. Yesterday marks 1 month since i have quit smoking and im happy to say, i feel great, no cravings at all. I read a comment somewhere on this site when i first visited a month ago a couple of days before i quit smoking and it stuck with me til now and really made me believe in myself to quit smoking. Wish i knew who said it so i could give them their credit but anyway they said something along the lines of “You might fear to quit smoking because you just cant imagine a life without cigarettes but if you really put your mind to it and break the addiction, you would be suprised how you couldnt care less to ever light up another cigarette again.” That couldnt be any more true. Anyway, i wish everyone the best in their efforts to quit smoking and if your on this website and reading these posts, then you have already taken a step in the right direction to quitting. Do what you know is the best for you and the people who care about you. Your only regret will be that you didnt chose to break the destructive habit sooner. (By the way, thank you to the moderator/s who published my earlier post, glad to help you help others.)

  2. In a ideal world everybody would just stop smoking like you suggest. But the world isn’t black and white and to be honest a very small percentage of smokers who smoked for many years will ever quit. Instead of trying the same unsuccessful road of cold turkey that many people took and returned right at the beginning or after a few days/weeks/months it better to try harm reduction. And the best method for that are ecigs. They leave the habit and the addiction but the make it more or less SAFE. Instead of burning your lung and throat with a few thousand chemicals for a few hours each day it makes much more sense taking a few hits of nicotine vapor. If someone fails at cold turkey a few times then just try a ecig. I personally have nothing against smoking but we all realize that what we do while smoking a cigarette is really freaking dangerous and not the best thing to do. Realizing that, every smoker will try to stop someday. The question is only which route to take. If of 100 smokers only one manages to quit cold turkey but on the other hand 20 of them manages to quit smoking using ecigs i am all for ecigs.

  3. i totally agree that using e-cigarettes and other smoking alternatives are just a big excuse. Try to break the smoking habit by exactly stopping it, without using all alternatives. The chances being involve to smoking gets greater and greater. You really have a great blog. Hope you succeed in your quest.

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