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I was running yesterday afternoon following my usual 3 mile run when it came to my mind an idea that would help smokers quit smoking. That simple idea that came to my mind is “preparation” so I wrote down this article in the hope that it will help smokers quit their addiction. And because you are reading this article right now; I’m sure you are already prepared to get ready to stop smoking permanently.

This might sound weird but if you will analyze and recall; when you would like to do something that will minimize failure and will greatly increase your chances of success, you will of course prepare yourself first by knowing the ins and outs before you do it.

Running is a typical example. If you want to attain your desired goal in running 5 – 8 miles without or minimizing having any injury, you have to do some simple stretching exercises first to prevent cramps and other related injuries that might happen while you are running.

When you meet with your boss regarding some business agendas or when you want to establish your own business, you have to prepare yourself by doing your homework well to prevent or minimize failure, losses or unnecessary circumstances to happen. If based on your judgment, your approach in doing it will result in a catastrophe you will look for other ways in order for you to succeed.

This is the same thing with smoking; you have to get ready by preparing yourself for the unexpected part that will make you a failure. Don’t forget same as with life, there will be ups and downs; there will be times when you feel so confident that you will despise cigarette so much. But there will also be times when you think that you will feel better lighting one stick.

So let’s start preparing in quitting your addiction to nicotine permanently. We’ve all heard a lot about the dangers of smoking to our health. Well, the only solution of course is to quit smoking. Quitting means giving yourself the chance to live a healthy life; and away from the dangers of blood vessel diseases, lung problems, heart diseases, stroke and cancer.

If you want to quit or planning to quit, the best approach is to prepare yourself by reading quit smoking books, writing down the benefits of quitting smoking, reading articles online, subscribing to blogs like this one, joining forums, etc. You could also find and join support groups that aim to encourage people, like you, to quit.

Information about how to quit smoking is widely distributed. You can find tons of them on the Internet. Visit Freedom from Smoking, American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute to learn more about why you need to stop it now. Your state must have setup a helpline for this purpose. Contact them right away and get some help.

This will definitely help strengthen your desire and determination to quit. As I have always said before, you need a strong desire that will guide you along the way.

Before you even start quitting, commit to yourself that you are going to quit. For the many years of smoking, it becomes a part of your daily life or routine. You need to detach from it, you need to unlearn this behavior. It’s not easy to accomplish this seemingly easy task. However, if you are serious about it, nothing can stop you from regaining a stronger and healthier life.

Practice – Work in cutting down the number of sticks you smoke each day. Each time you smoke, consume only half of the stick then throw it. If you smoke 10 sticks a day or even more, try not to smoke in the morning. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, do some deep breathing and drink a glass of water.

If you will do this often, you will discover that smoking urges do not last long and will go away if you contain it. This will prepare you by experiencing and controlling the withdrawal symptoms and urges consciously.

But on your quit date, make sure you quit smoking for good without cutting. You have to quit abruptly, throwing all your cigarettes away. Cutting down will not help you in giving up smoking successfully.

Getting ready to quit smoking tips:

  • Start clearing the ashtrays. Put them away one at a time. Clean your car, office, drapes or anything that smells tobacco. Throw away extra lighters
  • Ask your spouse or friend to support you
  • Before you start quitting, start a regular exercise routine
  • Switch to a distasteful brand that you hate to use
  • If you like to smoke with your friends or with people, this time, smoke alone
  • Avoid the things that will make you smoke such as excessive stress, idle times, etc. Deep breathing and drinking a glass of water will definitely help you.
  • Prepare a list of why you need to stop smoking. Writing down the benefits of quitting smoking is also a good way to do this. Read this list every day, it is the same as doing self-suggestions to yourself that will be mentioned later.
  • Ask your doctor about nicotine replacements or other medications that will help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms
  • Do self-suggestion by keep on saying to yourself that smoking is bad. Say this to yourself many times a day until your subconscious mind picks them up. Do not underestimate the power of self-suggestion.
  • Lastly, always believe that you could quit smoking. Learning how to quit smoking successfully is very easy.

Mark the date on your calendar when you will start quitting. Slowly reduce your stick consumption before that date arrives. On that date, stop smoking. People who smoke a lot at work might not be able to quit smoking. Get a vacation and then quit smoking. Do everything in your power to quit.

In the next few days after quitting, you will be dealing with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Exercise and relax to get rid of the irritability, anger, sudden change of mood, edginess, and so forth. There are times that you think you will die if you can’t smoke. Wait for a few minutes, and the urge will just subside. Drink water; hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.  Think anything but cigarettes. Move around the house; standing still won’t help. Each day, mark the success and reward yourself for the achievement.

You can do it, I’ve done it, they have done it and so can you!

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