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Great Reason to Quit Smoking – Save Your Precious Heart!


It’s hard for a chain smoker to imagine that he’s quitting. The addiction to nicotine simply refuses this to happen. Addiction to nicotine not only affects your physical body but the way you think as well. Knowing how to stop smoking is very easy once you have acquired the desire to quit.

You have discovered this website and now that you are reading this article because you have finally decided to quit smoking not only for yourself but to your family as well. I’m sure you have grown tired of not being able to taste the food that you eat, to breathe freely or to put an end to your smoker’s cough. On top of that, your doctor must have told you that you will likely die of cardiovascular diseases if you can’t keep yourself from smoking.

Recent studies confirmed that the chances of heart attack are increased several times over if the person continues to smoke. You probably said it to yourself that it won’t happen to you; the painful truth is that millions of people had died using that premise. What made you think that you are different?

You may be one of those trying very hard to protect the ozone layer; you may be concerned about the because of the bad things that are released in the air destroying our environment. Funny, but are you concerned about the poisons that you are putting inside your body?

We all frown at the fumes constantly dumped into our atmosphere. You close the car windows to protect yourself. Sniffing the carcinogen-loaded exhaustion fumes is just too much to bear on. However, it’s a bit odd to think that you continue to smoke cigarettes knowing that same carcinogenic actions are present. These poisonous materials seep out to your bloodstream and then to your heart, slowly working its way of destroying the organ that keeps you breathing.

The blood is literally poisoned, and since it travels in every direction, other diseases will start to develop. And before you know it may be too late before you can do anything to reverse the damage that has been done. There are many benefits in quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy heart is just one of them.

A heart failure happens if the heart is functioning abnormally. The blood becomes too thick to handle due to the nicotine contamination. The thickened blood will lead to abnormal clotting, which is extremely dangerous, especially if it happens in the major arteries of the body. The nicotine will build walls, narrowing blood vessels and binding itself to the valves of the heart, requiring the organ to work hard, which leads to heart attack. Avoid this from happening, saving your precious heart is one great reason to quit smoking.

If you want to live a healthy life for your family, then you need to consider quitting seriously. If you are just starting your way of poisoning yourself, leaving nicotine behind won’t be much of a difficult issue. So if you have recently acquired this addiction, habit and vice, make the decision to quit the soonest possible time. Yes, you will be experiencing the withdrawal symptoms, but it won’t be as severe as those who have been smoking for years.

However, if you’ve been smoking for many years, your health is in serious trouble. If you care about the people around you, consider the idea of putting an end to your addiction. Have you ever seen how the lungs are being destroyed by smoking tobacco? They look like crumpled black trash bags. Should this happen, you are guaranteed to die slowly, not instantly.

If you have been asking yourself why nicotine is a legal substance, it is because the withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine are not dangerous nor pose any serious threat to your health. By knowing this vital information, it only means that nicotine withdrawal symptoms can easily be vanquished by applying psychological means like hypnotism, autosuggestion or self-suggestion. And this can be achieved easily by strengthening your desire and determination to quit.

So don’t worry about the side effects of quitting smoking that may or may not happen; don’t doubt your decision, you are on the right track, do your best to quit smoking. Realizing the need to stop is a one-big step. As they say, better late than never. Prevent heart disease from destroying yourself, your dreams and your family. Protecting your heart to lengthen your life is one great reason to quit smoking. Act now and stop your addiction today.

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