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Ex-Smoker Hanka – I Don’t Want My Child to Smoke


This quit smoking story was submitted by Hanka, thank you for sharing your experience.

I need to tell someone my story, I’m so proud of myself that I have done it!

I used to smoke, from teenage age till I was 24 years old, I quit for about 7 years when [until I had] 2 beautiful kids; then I had a lot of stress with growing kids and not [having a] 100% supporting husband so I started smoking again. I tried to stop hundreds of times, but I continued for 18 months.

My 4 year old would ask me what I’m doing and why and she said she will also smoke when she grows up. Those words were killing me, I wanted to stop so badly, that I tried few times, but no longer then few days and I started again ;-((( The worst was that I smoke behind my husbands back. He asked me few time if I smoked, and he was very upset, because he really did not want me to get addicted.

After all those 18 months, I had b-day and I just told my self, I can’t do this to my kids and to my family, it cost so much money, I’m destroying my health and I DO NOT WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE! So I made my self STOP, the first week was very hard, specially when I knew I will go out for drink with girl friends, but I did not buy anything and now it is about 7 weeks and I feel so good, I’m so proud of my self, I never want to start again!

I know how hard it is to stop, but I have learned, it must really be deeply inside you, YOU MUST WANT IT and then you will do it. I cross all my fingers for you and I hope you feel good as me soon ;-))))

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