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My Grandmother an Ex-Smoker Passed Away Yesterday


My Grandma an Ex-Smoker Passed Away Yesterday 23rd May 2011.

I could still recall very clearly when I was still young; my grandma will make a cigar out of tobacco leaves (dried). She would tear one big leaf of tobacco into small pieces then she would roll those bits with another leaf of tobacco. And when she’s done, you would see a big fat long tobacco cigar without any filter. She finishes two tobacco cigars each day and was a smoker for more than 40 years but quit during her 60s.

Negative Health Effects

Her quitting came to pass when she felt something bad inside her and visited her doctor. When her doctor told her that she has to quit smoking or else her health is going to get worse, she immediately quit cold turkey. After that she never smoked nor touched even one tobacco cigar again. She was a strong woman, I will never forget each time she told me the story on how she quit smoking. Most of the time she would joke that everything is all in your head and what you would like to accomplish, with hard work, then so shall you achieve.

She remained a non-smoker until her death yesterday (23rd May), she was 97 years old. I could no longer say the exact details but she told me she started smoking when she was 12 years old and quit when she was already in her early 60s. Haven’t she quit soon enough, as her doctor advised, she wouldn’t have lived long enough to enjoy her retirement.

It’s Not Too Late to Quit Smoking

I will miss my grandma, my mother died when I was at the age of nine and my grandma was the one who supported my studies. She and one of my Aunt were the ones who guided me along the way as I grew up. I learned a lot from her, she was just a simple farmer, from rags to riches, I will never forget all the lessons she taught me in life.

I am not getting dramatic here although her passing away saddens me. I have always mentioned her in my previous articles; she is one of the many happy non-smokers who could quit cold turkey without any difficulty which makes me proud of her. Although not every one could do that but the real purpose why I am sharing this story to you is to let you know that quitting smoking is never too late.

Quitting Smoking Will Prolong Your Life

Whatever reasons people might say on how she lived a long life reaching 97 years old, I still believed that it happened because she quit smoking. She always said that quitting smoking changed here life tremendously and being a farmer one of the many things she noticed that improved greatly was her endurance.

So again, don’t delay your action to stop smoking; don’t wait for anything because what you are waiting for will never come. Every smoker will pass the withdrawal stage and it is up to you to make it a moment of glory and freedom or a moment of misery. This website alone provides many quit smoking tips to make your quitting easy. And best of all keep in mind that you are not alone, we are here to support you to become once again a happy non-smoker.

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