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Ex-Smoker Glenn


This quit smoking story was submitted by Glenn, it was a comment in our post Quit Smoking Side Effects and it was published as a regular post, thank you for sharing your experience.

Hi All,

Having been a light 5 to 10 a day social smoker for 40 years I decided just 4 days ago to quit for good using the cold turkey method. I have made it without a puff but wow the withdrawal side effects are really messing me up.

I was fine on day 1 with no significant side effects accept having to check my auto cue’s to light up on the odd occasion. However day 2 and 3 were horrid with all my major muscles feeling like they were in constant spasm. At the same time I was so tired, disorientated and sleep both days away in front of the TV.

It’s now day 4 and I am still feeling sort of odd and vacant but don’t have any desire at all to smoke. Typing this little summary is really testing my concentration and is feeling a bit random but I think it is a good exercise.

Luckily I am retired so I can spend my time as I like because I reckon I will need at least 2 weeks to get over the bulk of the side effects.

I know that all these withdrawal effects are just my body readjusting itself to life without cigarette poison.

Now that the worst part is over I need to exercise, eat well and not gain weight. I just got back from a 5 km walk and in the future I am looking forward to improving my fitness and tasting my food again.

Good luck to everyone who is going through withdrawal for this nicotine addiction.

Congratulations Glenn! Great story, thank you again for sharing it and hope it will inspire other smokers out there to quit for good. Discover some effective quit smoking tips by following the link to help you quit successfully.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.

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