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Ex-Smoker Rahul


This quit smoking story was submitted by Rahul, it was a comment in our post Quit Smoking Side Effects and it was published as a regular post, thank you for sharing your experience.

Hi guys!

I have been smoking from the year 2002 and was able to quit only on July 2011. Though its only September end but it seems that I have quit. I will just tell you people how I managed to stay till this date without smoking from 17th July 2011 till today. Maybe it will help people. Maybe people will laugh at me.

Any way I was a heavy smoker. I used to smoke around 35-40 sticks a day. My biological clock was so screwed up that I used to sleep for 4 hours a day, and the time I was awake was spend mostly in blowing smokes.

Any way I am an avid trekker and love mountains too and one of the thing that I really want to do badly in my life is to climb Everest once. Now I knew that my smoking habit has weakened my lungs and maybe even if I quit smoking maybe it’s beyond repair but I thought that if not today then perhaps never.

I took off and went to a hill station; it was situated around 12000 feet. Yeah I took my parents with me. The reason for the same is no matter what I never smoke in front of them. Hence when I was consciously trying to withhold my urges then I would sit with them and talk for long hours. Then when I went to 18000 feet the air and cold was so intense that I didn’t feel like smoking.

Any way the toughest part was the time when I came back from the trip and was left alone. Loneliness will pull you towards smoking a lot. But still whenever I had the urges I used to kill it by sheer will power. At night maybe I would sometime drink a beer or two. Yeah I tried to avoid smokers’ company but that’s just not possible. So sitting through those sessions was tough but each time I refused a cigarette I felt lighter.

I felt yeah I said no then its true. My heart used to urge me to have one drag but I listened to my mind. One drag, then one packet, Then 2 Packets and then no Everest. Any way thing is after I quit smoking I have a bigger appetite now which is kinda making me bulky but I am giving some time to my body before I start working out and the running.

I have quit smoking before, but the max I held out was for a month. This time people have offered me, left full packs in my room, everything but till now I am off it. I hope that I have done it. But one can’t say before 5 months over.

Best Wishes to everyone who are trying to quit!

Awesome experience Rahul, thank you again for sharing it and hope it will inspire other smokers out there to quit for good. Know some effective quit smoking tips to help you quit successfully.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Rahul. Like you and most smokers I had a hard time getting over my two-pack-a-day habit. But I learned how to quit smoking by training myself to become a non-smoker (sounds weird, but it worked) and I’ve never smoked again since I gave it up a few years ago.

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