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Ex-Smoker Tracy – Important Things I Learned from Quitting Smoking


This wonderful post was shared by Tracy and I’m very confident it would help other nicotine addicts to help them quit their addiction for good, it was a comment in our post What Really Happens When You Quit Smoking and it was published as a regular post, thank you for sharing your experience.

I have smoked a pack of cigarettes for 20 years. This is my third time quitting smoking in the 3 years.

The first time I went to acupuncture and it was a miracle after my very first session I had no cravings or withdraw symptoms and I could be around smokers without any problems. My body was craving healthy foods and drinks.

It lasted for a few weeks until I had a family emergency and had to travel by plane (I have a fear of flying) after I landed I had not only a cigarette, but a couple drinks and I am not a drinker. I did go back for another session of acupuncture and it didn’t help like it did the last time.

Last year quit cold turkey for 4 months and 10 days. After watching Chantix commercial I realize that Chantix is a placebo because the side effects they listed are withdraw symptoms I went through even nightmares that are indescribable and they messed me up for a while.

As I stated I quit for four months and ten days until I received a phone that turned my world upside down and even though I told myself there was no cause for me to get a pack of cigarettes, I went and bought a pack thinking I was only going to have one because normally after you quit the cigarettes don’t taste good, but this time the cigarette tasted just fine and I was not able to throw the pack out.

What I have learned [from Quitting Smoking:]

  1. The craving for a cigarette passes quickly so the battle are the withdraws— the last time I quit it wasn’t until my third month that I felt back to normal. The first month I felt like crap, but was very impressed by how long I went without a cigarette. The second month I started to feel better as some of the withdrawal symptoms started to fade away.
  2. I either need to keep busy or stay sleeping because not having anything to do cause depression and wanting to throw the towel in.
  3. I have to come up with something to stop myself buying a pack of cigarettes in case life throws another lemon at me.
  4. I am thankful for knowing how hard it is for me to quit because my past experience and what I am experiencing now will not be easily forgotten when I want to pick up a cigarette as I know I will want to quit again and I will have to go through the withdraws again.
  5. I remember how good it felt to see other people smoking my past life and it felt good to know that it wasn’t me smoking and felt like a new person because cigarettes were not holding me hostage. I really felt virtuous and in control of my life.

Hi Tracy, first, thank you for your awesome post, secondly, I’m pretty sure those lessons you shared will help other smokers quit their addiction for good.

Be the next non-smoker – quit smoking today!

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.

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