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Ex-Smoker Mike – A Healthy New Year 2012


This wonderful post was shared by Mike, it was a comment in our post What Happens When You Quit Smoking and it was published as a regular post, thank you for sharing your story and experience Mike.

8 weeks and 4 days today. For those who believe in miracles, this is an impossible miracle for me! I am almost 56 years old and got to be an expert at it after 40 years PLUS doing the same thing 60 times a day! I started by taking care of my health 8 months ago because of my cholesterol and diabetes. In two months I lost 15 kilos, was running 14 kilometers after six months every other day..UNBELIEVABLE ! At one point I decided to quit.

My way, which is not necessarily your way, was cold turkey. I isolated myself in my house without any kind of tobacco (inc. cigars, pipes etc) for a week and advised my wife to be aware of my temper and other awful withdrawal symptoms. She was quitting too, but with patches. Obviously I cannot write every detail here, but if you need to know more, I will surely reply to your queries if it will help you, like many sites, including this one that one way or another helped me.

The more you know the better equipped you are if you are serious about quitting. Like others before me, I have not as yet benefited from all the good non smoking brings, but for sure I am really proud that I disciplined myself and did not let this little horrible (life time so called friend) rule anymore my life. I can now say EUREKA as I finally found what worked for me to quit smoking for the rest of my life…I have no kids, but am sure will be enjoying the fruit of my labor longer and healthier.

Those who say it’s easy, don’t believe them, because if it was, there will be no need for all this halabaloo! But it’s possible, and how it’s possible! Not a matter of luck, but a matter of discipline and hard work. Enjoy your lives and have a great healthier New Year 2012. I shall soon be writing that it’s 12 months since I quit !!!!!

Awesome story Mike, thank you.

Now it’s your turn…

Add many many fruitful and productive years to your life by quitting smoking today!


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  1. Hi Wayne, how’s it going? I’d have to say that quitting without nicotine is the best way to quit. That doesn’t mean it’s the easiest though. Let me know how you are getting on and if you need any moral support. Kevin

  2. Should I take vitamins I have not smoked a cigarette sense Friday night an I fill like crap what should I do . An Iam not taking anything to stop just stop with no gum or patches is that bad or am I doing the right thing by not using nicotine stuff

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