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Simple Reasons Why Should You Quit Smoking


Most people who smoke will admit that it is an addiction and filthy (stinky) habit that is difficult to stop. Likewise, most of them know just how bad smoking is and how it can be very detrimental to their health. The health problems are very obvious but it seems smokers are not motivated by this reason until they finally feel something bad going on within their body. If you are trying to stop smoking but you are not fully motivated, then here are a few simple things that you should think about.

Smoking Does Not Help You Concentrate

When it comes to sports, work or even a conversation, smokers tend to think that they can focus better when they are smoking. This however is completely false. Smoking actually stops you from fully concentrating and it can be a major hindrance to success. If you are trying to study for a test or read a book, you will realize that your mind will have a tendency to drift off one the idea of smoking appears in your thoughts. This is a symptom of smoking and you should definitely stop the habit to help regain your concentration and focus on your life.

Smoking Is a Turn Off

Surveys have shown that smoking is simply not attractive, it stinks and people will stay away from you. Smoking also shows that you have no control over yourself and that you have a weakness for bad habits. It is common knowledge that smoking is not healthy for you and so smoking in public just does not attract friendship or the opposite sex. However, though you might attract another smoker, it really does not help with your quitting process. This is why it is best to find a person that can help you with your goal and to help support you. If you are with a person that is addicted to smoking as well, you will most likely fail in trying to quit smoking.

Smoking Is Simply Not “Cool”

If you ask most people if “smoking is cool,” most people will say “NO!” This is just how everyone thinks and having a bad lifestyle habit is certainly nothing to be proud of. Although it is an addiction that is tough to break, it is still something that can be stopped. However, quitting will be something that you need to do with yourself and to try your best to control your cravings. Don’t forget that people will be there to support you and to help you out; utilize this assistance because in the end you will need to quit on your own. No one will be able to help you “ to take action” but yourself and so you should keep this in mind.

Now You Know Why You Should Quit Smoking

The main problem that most smokers have is that they feel “the need to smoke” and so it is a good idea to find alternatives. Find something that will replace smoking and slowly work your way to quitting. Just don’t use food as an alternative as it will cause more problems in the future. Regular exercise and drinking plenty of water to ward off cravings is an effective way to do it. There are many ways to quit smoking so don’t despair if you keep on failing; the important this is, you don’t give up quitting.

The reasons stated above why you should quit smoking should suffice to strengthen your desire to quit. You also need to convince yourself that it is possible to stop your nicotine addiction and that you will be able to. Once you are able to tell yourself that quitting is possible then you will be one step closer to finally quitting horrible habit that have enslaved you for so long.

Read this article Quit Smoking Tips to increase your chances of success. Always remember, I did it, they did it and so can you.

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