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Ex-Smoker Nikki – Let Us Live a Sick Free Life


This post was submitted by Nikki, it was a comment in our post Side Effects When You Quit Smoking and it was published as a regular article, many thanks for this wonderful experience and story.

Hi Everyone,

Sounds like everyone’s story is the same, I am on day 3 of going cold turkey. I got sick about a week ago with a nasty viral infection in my chest so now would be a good time as any to quit I thought. I feel so crappy anyway that I think the withdrawal symptoms have been mostly masked with flu like symptoms. I don’t sleep at night either because I cough so hard at night it keeps me awake, I have strained abdominal muscles from coughing.

This could be my body’s way of healing and removing toxins, or it’s just the virus still in my body. I have seen the doc and he assured me this is viral but gave me an inhaler anyway, I have noticed my breathing is much better. I have no idea if my sense of smell or taste has improved because I am completely stuffed up, time will tell I guess.

I have tried to quit several times, this is time #1 this year though…..I keep catching colds and viruses, getting sick far more frequently than my non smoking friends and family. I would like this cycle to finally stop and being able to go to the gym without gasping for breath or getting tired far more easily than others. But not being sick all the time….that’s my motivator to quit for good.

Great story Nikki, don’t forget about the money you are going to save, who knows, it will be enough for a nice gift this coming Christmas.

I would like to great those gorgeous moms out there a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!”

If you are a son or a great husband, now is the time to quit smoking – do it for the best mother in the world.

If everyone has done it and so can you!

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.


    Yeah thats true and you will find fruitful results only after 8-10 months(depends on your body’s healing property).Once you quit smoking you will be no longer depressed and lethargic.You will not be prone to making hazy decisions and not fall sick on the weekdays while doing your work.After 14 months since quitting smoking I have gained weight with good BMI and my memory has improved.And of course my annual wastage of money on the cigarettes has zeroed.
    You won’t believe the figures when do the calculations for your spending on the cigarettes.If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day then you spend 40 rupees(approx 0.8 $) per day.Calculate it for 1 year and it comes out to be 14600 rupees( approx 290 $).
    Now imagine how much you loose financially.The big irony is that you pay for spoiling your health!

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