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Ex-Smoker Dee – Quitting Smoking Is So Worth It


This post was submitted in our article Side Effects of Quitting Smoking and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful experiences Dee.

I have been trying to quit for 10 years; I have smoked for about 15. In other words I have tried to give up literally hundreds of times! In the last year, it got so bad that 5 times a week a would chuck the packet out thinking I’ve quit, only to buy a pack the next day, as I couldn’t sleep anymore knowing I was still a smoker.

I was also a secret smoker, not being able to tell people I’d quit anymore but finally I had to quit, I was feeling very ill and chain smoking about 20 in 3 hours. Anyway I have been off cigarettes for 8 days now, I am feeling really happy but am having insomnia and coughing.

I am quite an emotional person but today I felt like I was going crazy, but in a good way, not because I wanted a cigarette but knowing that I have quit and not thinking about quitting anymore, with all this energy and mental bandwidth that I’d simply forgotten I had or hitherto sacrificed to smoking .

I know smoking is all a trap and we do it because we are brainwashed but I’ve found it so hard to quit. This window into being a non-smoker is absolutely marvelous and I am so excited at the prospect of not being a smoker anymore, I feel like crying. I wish everyone who tries the best of luck! I reckon it must be so worth it.

Thank you Dee for sharing a great experience – It’s TRUE everything is worth it!

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