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Non Smoker Kristin – Never Quit Quitting


This post was submitted in our article The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking (post link) and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful experiences Kristin.

This is my 3rd attempt at quitting, I know I thought I could do it before, but it was incredibly hard while drinking and I ended up giving in the first 2 times. This sounds strange to say, but I know I’m going to be successful this time…my work has just induced a smoking ban and without the constant distraction around quitting is going to be so much easier this time! A little background info about me: I’m 27 years old, been smoking for only 6 years, continue to run about 4mi 3X per week. I really enjoyed smoking but I said I would quit after 5yrs…My time is up!

The symptoms I’ve experienced have been completely inconsistent:

The first time I quit I made it 2 weeks and I was coughing up dirty phlegm, my night sweats were so bad I thought I might’ve actually peed the bed a few times, my entire appetite vanished for days and the pain in my midsection was so bad the first couple days I could not even stand up and walk straight because I was doubled over the pain hurt so bad (I’m athletic and I consider myself to have a fairly high pain tolerance too – take that into consideration!)

During my 2nd attempt several months later, I still experienced the dirty phlegm coughing up and significant night sweats, I think my appetite was a little screwy as well. I remember the pain was definitely not as bad on the 2nd attempt!

On this, my 3rd attempt at quitting I’ve only had a cigarette and a half in 9 days! Woo hoooo me!!!!! So far, I haven’t had any night sweating (it’s the middle of summer and it was just 100deg all week!), no abdominal pain and only a very tiny bit of dirty phlegm coughing up…. unfortunately edema in my feet is the worst withdrawal symptom so far! My feet are incredibly swollen with pitting edema (Google it!) for about 2 days now – it doesn’t really hurt, but it is really strange feeling the skin pulled so tight around my poor little porkers. I haven’t been running in over a week since my schedules been busy and now that I have the time I’m kind’ve afraid to go with my “big foot” syndrome lol?!

Hopefully this helps some of you guys quitting to compare notes and norms…

After several attempts at quitting cold turkey, I’ve realized you will not be successful at quitting until you’re ready. It’s a hard sensation to explain, however even though I sincerely wanted to quit each time there was a little part of me that would consider it no big deal to let myself cheat and smoke a couple here and there….this time the urge to cheat has been greatly reduced and I’ve only had to “be strong” and resist a couple times! I just know I’m going to do it this time…..Good LUCK everyone!

PS. If you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to quit before now, don’t give up hope…each time I’ve quit it’s gotten a little easier and a little easier…if you’ve been smoking longer, it may take you 10 attempts at quitting, but remember this:

If you QUIT trying to QUIT, then you will NEVER QUIT!

AWESOME story Kristin – This experience will surely motivate a lot of soon to be non-smokers – Thank you!

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  1. This was a very motivational post. I have tried quitting so many times! Everytime I go a day or two without a cigarette, I would just end up buying a pack or bumming from a friend. I want to quit so badly, but I am having a very hard time. I am considering trying hypnosis. I have heard it can be really helpful, and I don’t want to use a prescription.
    Thanks for this! Don’t quit quitting is a great mantra!

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