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This post was shared by Greg.

I can’t believe I was able to quit smoking. After 4 weeks of quitting, the cravings have died for good and I really despise the smell of it each time I am near smokers. I no longer envy people who smoke, I feel better now, smell better, taste better and I feel like a reborn person in this world.

I was a heavy smoker before, smoking 1 pack a day. I decided to quit when I developed a cough that won’t go away and also developed breathing problems. Sometimes I would wake up at night gasping for air, well fortunately I never developed any serious disease like cancer.

I am grateful in finding this quit smoking blog. It really helped me quit by strengthening my desires and establishing my goals. Not only the articles but also the comments and stories shared by other readers of this website. So I guess, I will also return the favor in sharing my experience to other smokers who are dying to see the light of the day to become once more free.

I couldn’t last a day without smoking before, the reason I never imagined myself to be where I am right now. But with strong determination, self-suggestion (trust me it works) and 2 weeks on patches, I was able to quit on my own on the 3rd week. You have to keep on feeding your mind of positive things; reading articles, books or even the things that you want to achieve by writing them down helped a lot.

The first 4 days was very difficult for me. Each time I do some activity, the idea of lighting a cigarette keeps on coming. Based on the stories I heard on this site, I guess you have to pass the withdrawal stage no matter how tuff you are. But it is up to you on how you would deal with them. For me each time I overcome a craving, I have to fight the lies that my mind would tell me.

The first 2 days on the other hand was very irritating but fortunately, each craving that goes, I could feel the healing process happening inside my body. It’s like muscle pains that you endure each time you go for a work out. And the more you endure the stronger you get.

Watch out for these cravings and temptations, I almost gave in twice but with self-suggestion, I was able to condition my mind not to light another ciggy. Like I said, you could deal with the withdrawal symptoms positively once you have changed your way of thinking by feeding your mind with positive thoughts.

Quitting smoking is doable! The owner of this blog did it, readers have done it and I for one have done it. Strengthen your desire to quit smoking, make it so strong that you would do anything to attain your freedom. Keep on reading articles and books about quitting, feed your mind, remove the lies that nicotine addiction has deeply planted in your mind and keep on quitting.

At the same time be realistic, majority do not succeed in quitting the first time. So if you fail in your first attempt, please don’t ever give up quitting.

So don’t give up as the saying goes, it is only you who can decide if you are going to light the next cigarette or not. So start planning your quit date and gain back your freedom that has long been lost.

Thank you for sharing this story Greg and for those would be non-smokers, strengthen your desire, quit smoking, join us and be the next happy non-smoker.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.

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