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A Glass of Water to Help You Quit Smoking Easily


I always emphasize that smoking is an addiction and a habit. These two factors work so well that they have made quitting smoking quite difficult. Addiction can easily be defeated but the “habit and association” part is the one that you have to prepare with when your quit date arrives. As we all know habits are hard to break but the good thing is, they can easily be replaced. And this article will give you a useful tip to replace your filthy habit with a positive one.

Water has so many health benefits. It helps control calories, it helps strengthen your muscles, it keeps your skin elastic and other benefits that would make you healthy and strong (source). And in fact (unknown to many) you could also utilize this chemical substance to help you stop your habit and nicotine addiction easily. In short you can replace your smoking habit by simply drinking a glass of water.

Helps Break and Replace the Habit

The best way to stop a habit is to replace it. So if you crave for a cigarette each time you make a coffee, each time you read the papers, each time you are rushing some reports or each time right after a meal; instead of lighting a cigarette why don’t you instead reach a glass of water and drink . Sounds new but trust me it works! It worked for me and I am pretty sure it will work for anyone who has strengthened their desire to quit smoking.

So why don’t you start practicing now. Whenever you feel the urge to light a cigarette, drink water. During my withdrawal period I was finishing 5 liters of water each day and it did helped a lot. Removed the taste of cigarettes in my mouth and flushed away the toxins out of my body.

Relieves Stress

quit smoking with a glass of waterOne of the factors that will hinder you in reaching your goals to become a non-smoker during your withdrawal period is stress. Stress will always be present in our lives and we should accept that fact. But because smokers have developed that habit of smoking each time they are stressed, they were soon made to believe a lie that smoking relaxes them which is completely false.

Start preparing yourself, whenever you find yourself rushing some reports, get a pitcher of water beside you. And each time you feel the urge to smoke, pour some water into your glass and gulp it down. Keep on doing this until it replaces your cravings.

Maintain Your Weight

The worst thing that a smoker will do is to replace his filthy habit of smoking with another destructive habit. And this is quite evident when successful quitters gain weight or become obese. They keep their mouth busy during the withdrawal stage, eating whatever their hands could get onto and at the end of their journey, they find themselves with a new unhealthy eating habit.

So before you start munching junk foods to pacify your cravings for nicotine, keep in mind that as soon as you quit smoking your taste buds will improve and almost all your dishes will taste delicious. So before you develop an unhealthy eating lifestyle, maintain your weight and start it the right way by developing a healthy habit like drinking water.

Quitting smoking can be attained but you have to do your fair share. You have to accept that you are addicted to nicotine, you have to change the way you think about smoking, you have to accept that smoking is bad and you have to strengthen your desire to reach your goals no matter what happens.

There is no magical method that will make you forget your addiction and your habit when you wake up the following morning. No one can quit for you and you have to endure the withdrawal stage to reach success. The good news is no one can force you to light the next cigarette, and once you have changed your way of thinking about smoking, the withdrawal stage will not be difficult. Rather it will be a sign that success is within your reach like an athlete enduring the physical pain during training just to reach his desired goals.

So the next time you feel like smoking, remember a glass of water will effectively quench your cravings to smoke.

Do you have any useful tips aside from drinking water? Please post them below, thanks!

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