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This post was a comment submitted in our article The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking (article) and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful story Chasity.

I haven’t smoked but 1 cig in the last 3 days. The desire to want to go outside comes in waves. I am a smoker of 12+ years and I have been thinking of quitting for months. Once I quit for an entire year. I became pregnant and cut it out right away, but after my son was a few months old the stress of a new baby all on my own drove me back to my awful habit of smoking (always outside, never in the car or house!).

The thought of quitting usually stresses me out so bad- I have to head outside to smoke and relax. I don’t know what cracked in me but I am so ready for this. I thought about smoking this morning when I grabbed my faithful cup of coffee on my drive in to work. BUT- I actually felt grossed out when I imagined taking in that drag of smoke.

I normally smoke anywhere from 10-20 cigs a day and up until the last few days I thought it would be impossible. My son is now 6 and while I still never smoke in the house or car- I am afraid he will smoke when he becomes older. I need to set the right example. I am going to stick with this. So far sleep is hard, and I feel like I’m going to freak out every couple hours, but I’m still going. I have found some comfort in minty things (I was a menthol smoker). I stocked up on gum, mints, and minty lip balm.

When I think I’m about to crack I get a little mint fix and walk around for about 5 or 10 mines. This is helping me refrain from going outside. I also have been staying AWAY from any form of alcohol. I normally have a beer or a glass of wine with a cigarette before bed. I cut that right out, I know once the taste fills my mouth my brain will start screaming for a smoke to go along with it. I have decided to wait at least 30 full days of zero cigs before I consider alcohol.

Quitting smoking is more than just stopping- It means changing your lifestyle completely. I’m gonna keep on keeping on! Good luck to everyone trying to quit or remain smoke free! I can’t wait to save money and smell like my expensive laundry detergent instead of an ashtray.

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

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