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The Secret in Quitting Smoking Lies Within Your Desire


This is a guest post from one of the moderators in our Quit Smoking Forum.

I have spoken with a dozen of smokers in the past and they all say one thing, “I’m willing to pay anyone who could provide me the formula to stop smoking easily and painlessly.” Funny but it’s true, quitting nicotine addiction is so difficult that most smokers would go on with their lives smoking until a serious disease would either come and force them to stop or end their precious short-lived life. But the truth is, there is an easy way to stop smoking and the secret lies deep within our mind.

Our whole being is created by our mind developed by certain factors; while we were growing up, brought by our experience or influenced by factors (such as addiction / books) or from influential people around us. Our beliefs, judgment and reasoning all of this were deeply implanted into our subconscious that it would take a great effort in order to change them. This is true especially in the subject of religion and politics. When I was still a young boy, I usually say that smoking is bad; it stinks and made my dad cough all the time and I solemnly swear that I would never try to smoke in my whole entire life. Then came the peer pressure from my classmates until finally, I grabbed one stick of cigarette, lit is, puffed it and the rest as they say is history.

I became hooked with this disgusting weed for 22 years. What I despised when I was young, I tried to defend it when I became addicted to it. So in order to justify my addiction, my subconscious mind made me believe that smoking was not bad after all. It made me believe that smoking is making me relaxed and giving me the boost and stamina when I needed it most. This belief carried on for years until finally I realized everything was exactly the opposite – smoking is bad.

I was coughing, I found myself gasping for air most of the time, I smelled bad, my teeth were all stained, and I was like a beggar asking for coins because the store won’t accept credit cards. From then on, my life became worse and something deep inside made me realize the truth that I finally need to quit my vice. Something deep inside me made me realize the truth that I am addicted to nicotine which must be stopped immediately.

Your Strong Desire Will Accomplish Your Goals

It took me several months before I was able to quit successfully. My desire to quit became a burning desire and almost all help resources that I need to quit my addiction came up to me one by one. I once thought that quitting cold turkey is the only way to quit the right way. But soon I discovered that there are also other conventional methods that you could use and there are products out there that will help you cope up the miserable withdrawal feelings brought by nicotine. So the secret in quitting easily is for you to strengthen your desire to quit until it becomes an obsession.

I always had reservation in using the patches, but because of my strong desire to quit I was able to overcome this obstacle. And because of my strong desire, I discovered many quit smoking books that shed way for the light that in the end soon my mind gave up the false beliefs about smoking. So if you are wanting to quit smoking, ask yourself, “how much are you willing to do to stop smoking?”

The road ahead of us is a long journey, full of surprises and full of opportunities. Don’t waste those precious events that are about to happen just because of an addiction that you could control and get rid of. If you want to quit smoking easily, accept that you are an addict, accept that smoking is ruining your life and accept that quitting is possible and that you could stop easily. Strengthen your desire by reading quit smoking books, by visiting or subscribing to a quit smoking blog, by joining forums, and by talking to other ex-smokers. You have so many resources to help you quit, maximize and use them. Then open your eyes, trust your instinct, believe that you can and start quitting today!

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.

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